Bungie turns up Halo 3 heat: new details, campaign screenshot

With Halo 3 less than three months away, Bungie is beginning to lift the veil with a couple of big reveals this week. The first was a whole slew of post-beta screenshots and details, revealing two new multiplayer maps (remake of Zanzibar FTW), armor customization, and the brand new, super-fast Brute Chopper vehicle.

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newarknj3603760d ago

I just wanna congratulate xbox360 for stirring up a hot topic where people cant tell the differnce between cgi and ingame xbox360 is the first system to achieve it u go girl lol

dantesparda3759d ago

I highly doubt thats the in-game graphics, especially when the beta looks how it does. But if they could achieve that with the in-game engine on the cinemas, then that would be impressive and more plausible, but i highly doubt it. It looks higher-res and less aliased than the usual 360 game

solidt123760d ago

Thats not in game. Lets see an in-game photo, either way though it does look alot better.

i Shank u3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

definitely in game. they say so; also look at trees in background and the smoke; this is definitely in game.

[email protected] gears of war graphics; these are sharp as hell, texturized, colorful, has outdoor enviroments. wassup halo3 you look sexy

EDIT- whoever disagreed, wtf the news is posted on several site as IN GAME, including, its not just my opinion. if you look at the fullscreen, you can see blocky tress and pixely smoke, which indicate ingame. sorry your eyes are gay. if you disagree with this you like to plug your butt

funkysolo3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

This is a cutscene you can tell by the screen. Come on now, let's be releastic. I want to see a real time ingame screen shot with bullets flying and things blowing up, not Master chief posing in a cutscene. Gears of War never posted screens like that without posting some real in gameplay screens that show the game in action. Not to flame but I respect epic more, they show their product because they knew it was good not try to hide the real graphics.

And for the people that don't beleave bungie use's cgi, download the monday night comercial, it's all CGI not game engine CGI.

deepio3760d ago

If it's not in-game then why does it say "it is a screenshot taken in-game from Halo 3" on Bungie's website???

Azures3760d ago

I hear that Killzone trailer was in-game too.

JustCallMeDaddy3759d ago

thats not possible because by that time, killzone wasn't playable.

power of Green 3760d ago

You guys are idiots this pic was announced as ingame hours ago on the bungie site. Stop trolling.

Azures3760d ago

Didn't sony and guerrilla say that Killzone trailer was in-game too?

i Shank u3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

maybe they did, but that doesnt have anything to do with H3. hopefully E3 will give us new trailers for BOTH games.

EDIT- do you disagree that talking about killzone trailer has nothing to do with H3? you suck

Azures3760d ago

double standards are just great aren't they?

and no matter how killzone's gameplay is, it will look better. bank on that.

i Shank u3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

youre being a whiner. and how is there a double standard? its called TWO DIFFERENT GAMES. and unless you are making Killzone 2, shut up about banking on anything. KIllzone might have better gameplay; i doubt it but no one will know anything until they are out in stores.

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Clinton5143760d ago

'Game play' being the keywords

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