White Knight Chronicles 2: New screenshots unveiled

Today Level 5 has released screenshots for White Knight Chronicles 2, slated for release in Japan this summer.


Unfortunately this page has been edited. The article is mainly about news, not screenshots, as lots of new information is available about White Knight Chroncile 2's charactes, setting and combat system. For a correctly translated article including all the information in a readable fashion please refer to the "via" link:
Thank you.

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LordMarius3190d ago

Hopefully they get it right this time around, didn't play the first one because the review turn me away from it

Abriael3190d ago

The reviews of the English version were quite biased, it shown that most were purposedly nitpicking (a Japanese game and Sony Exclusive! Burn it!). I wrote my own review here:

The game is not perfect, but it's very, very polished, expecially since it includes all the fixes that have been applied to it in a year. It's actually very innovative for a JRPG too.

R_19933190d ago

I completely disagree. The reason it got bad reviews was because it lacked polish. Online mode isn't really endless fun, like you state in your review. There are 6 missions (or around that many), and they're basically repeated every guild rank or two, with the exception of the DLC content.All in all, I think only JRPG fans would like a game like this.

Abriael3190d ago

@R_1993: You'r entirely wrong. There are 23 different missions at the moment (each of them repeated 3 times at varying ranks, for a total of more than 60) and more are added weekly by Sony (one permanent and one temporary).

Might want to get your facts straight, before writing, what about it? :D

Chris3993190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

And they're fairly 360-inclined publications too.

WKC was a Hell of a lot better than 2/3 the JRPGs released this gen. It had a terrific number of ideas, but failed in it's execution somewhat. It's also the fist JRPG to feature a FREE multi-player component (as well as custom avatars and town-building).

I also think that this game would have been "great" (as opposed to "average") in the media's eyes if it was released within a more favorable climate. Not after ME:2 and before FF XIII. It should have been shipped 6 months after the Japanese version; would have been an impressive offering in the spring of 2009 rather than 2010.

P.S. This gen should have taught us by now (Gamespot K&L fiasco, D-toids Deadly Premonition review and so on), that reviews are to be taken with a POUND of salt.

Meryl3190d ago

@abraiel I totally agree with everything you said, but the story in my opinion was more of a 7 due to one story twist which let it down a little, none the less I would rate it around 8.4/10 myself, and I actually love it more than FF XIII, which was just a huge dissapointment to say I have waited for it for years

Redempteur3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

not to mention that almost every mission has extra sub quests that sometimes even change the boss fight in the end

and some escort missions have sub quests that give rare drop if you know where to look ..

WKC quest have a lot of secrets ..and even the most basic quests can have a lot more than just go kill X number of ennemies ...

SO yeah as a avid player of the game i can safely say that many reviews were biased and many reviewers haven't played the game online ...

That said i'm glad the story is progressing ..i really want to know how it will end .. and i'm happy that cisna will get some princess competition this time

hoops3189d ago

So you base your buying habits on ANOTHER PERSONS REVIEW OF A GAME you never played? LOL
That sums up this site.
Thank god I am not a lemming because if I were like that, I would have missed out on a fantastic games like SOCOM and Too Human.

Raf1k13189d ago

After reading a bunch of different reviews (positive and negative ones), WKC seems like a pretty good game to me. You can't judge a game just because you read a couple of negative reviews. You need to read a fair few reviews so that you can get a good idea of what the game is like and whether or not you will enjoy it.

At the moment WKC is on my list of games to buy in a dry-spell.

R_19933189d ago

I got to GR7 and the missions repeated themselves so I assumed that the missions were just gonna repeat after every GR from then on, looks like I was wrong. My bad.

FamilyGuy3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

It's a grind fest but I love it. Teaming up with friends in an RPG is really what this is all about and the game is waaaay more technical than reviewers gave the first one credit for.

I can't wait to wear this armor

I'm currently about 1mil from gr10, 265 hours play time (talk about "moneys worth"), have enjoyed this (because of the online and geo features) more than ANY other rpg this gen.
Level 5 already has my money for the sequel, whenever it arrives.

Redempteur3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )


Wrong again

i fail to see how the entire GR 4,5,6 missions have anything in common and that's more than just 6 missions ...

-Did you know that "memorial servant " ( GR 2 quest ) have 3 différents endings ( 3 différent boss fights and rewards ) depending on how you do the quest ?

and that's not the only quest like that ..

-Did you know that you can have différent drops during the caravan escort quest depending on who you're escorting ?

And again , not just one quest working like that.

i don't know how you've suposed arrived to GR7 but i don't think you've played that much ONLINE if you don't know that much .
The Truth ... WKC online quest are varied , existing in multiples difficulties and any normal player will need many hours to know them ..

That's what i'm talking about when i see "content" ..
that's NOT only 6 quests..
You claim to have played the game ..that's false ( a big lie ) or you were sleeping while playing ...

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zerocool33973190d ago

Hmm. Seems pretty interesting, I think that if done right, this could be a brilliant game. The first game was looked at through blinkers and was still a good game, just not reviewed well due to focusing on negative points..

I wanna see more stuff before I make more of a judgement on this though. Good stuff, keep up the good work.

nefertis3190d ago

I hope that green knight is your avatar please let it be.

Abriael3190d ago

I'm almost 100% sure it is, but the best thing would be if it's customizable with the same level of detail than your character. I mean, having an online game in which not only you can customize your character fully, but even your personal fantasy giant robot? Yes, thank you :D

BeaArthur3190d ago

Wasn't interested in the first one but I will keep my eye on this.

tulholdren3190d ago

Like the first so another day 1 for me keep it up

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