iPhoneAppReviews: Brain Tester Review


Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in. That was my recurring thought as I downloaded an app that billed itself as Moron Test 2 in its review request. I'd reviewed another such game a couple months ago and thought I was done taking these pass/fail tests. I guess I was wrong.

The actual name of the app is Brain Tester (Highly Addictive!!, the title adds in the App Store) and if you've seen or tried one of these 'Can You Pass the Test?' games before and enjoyed them, you're ready to try this one out as well. AppATapp's Brain Tester is pretty much in the same vein as the others in the genre: you're asked questions about the number of litres in a millilitre, to solve puzzles, and answer questions. There are a memory tests where you must recall exact sequences. You must remember shapes, colors, and follow instructions to the point of ignoring or setting aside your initial instincts and assumptions.

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