'Justin Bieber Revenge' Hits a High note, Lands in App Store

No Dpad:

I think we all need a laugh every day, whether it be a stress-filled day or an uninteresting, somewhat dull type of day. So I thought I'd like to chime in and hopefully have some people break a few smiles, along with the occasional disgusted look on this whole deal. And while I'm with you when I say, "What has this world come to?", it's always a knee slapper to see the unknown take on the paparazzi.

Now we all know that Justin Bieber is a singer, who unfortunately, sounds like a girl. The first time I ever heard one of his songs, I thought to myself, "Wow, what a nice lady singer." Of course, it turned out to be the one and only, infamously notorious, Justin Bieber. And with that, the humorous company known as Tapulous has decided to bring him to the App Store spotlight via rhythm game.

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