New White Knight Chronicles 2 Screenshots

Take a peek on the new screenshots of the much awaited sequel of White Knight Chronicles exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

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Delta3187d ago

I want this soooooo Bad. I love WKC

masterofpwnage3187d ago

atleast you played the first one. both my ps3 and 360 died when all the good rpg and games were coming out. so i need catching up in alot of games like
killzone 2
mass effect
heavy rain
uncharted 2
demon souls
and many others.

is the first one good though, i heard the battle system was not that good, it was to slow.
i heard they fix that and i really hope so

Meryl3187d ago

No actually the battle system is one of the best things about this game, yes you have to wait, but the battle system is very much like the ones from mmorpg's, but you have slots instead of just 4 squares for your actions, it gives you so much more freedom, and the combo's you can create and pull off are really nice.
Finally GeoNet is very addictive and fun might I add, I can't wait to play on it later, now I finished FF XIII and I actually enjoy WKC more than FF XIII, the only thing that will irritate you is some of the voice acting and one particular story twist, but to be honest it is less average story wise than FF XIII.

Ravage273187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

WKC online component has a LOT of potential and the combat is really fun.

Aside from CGI and story, i don't think FF13 is anywhere above WKC at all. The graphics may not be cutting edge, but the amount of detail and the overall art style makes it very appealing to look at, and i really like the way they render water.

Abriael3187d ago

Actually the pictures came with a lot of news today. The battle system has been revolutioned for number 2. It'll be much faster and many other actions, counters, dashes and such have added, so it'll be much more dynamic and fun.
I have the news here:

vhero3187d ago

Definitely looking forward to the EU release of this which they claim will be ported a lot sooner this time.

YoungKingDoran3187d ago

damn... i really feel sorry for you masterofpwnage. i am having a hard enough time keeping up with the releases and ive tried hard to stay on top of things... it is going to take you forever to catch up and finish all those lol, and i dont think youll be getting on top of your 'to do' list anytime soon with all the new games coming out.

Bnet3433186d ago

Didn't the last one come out last month? Geez, that was fast. I guess they were developing two games at once.

Ravage273186d ago

WKC was released in japan more than a year ago (Dec2008)

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ironmonkey3187d ago

i milked this game and ready to milk the second one

Meryl3187d ago

WKC2 has earnt it's place on my to buy list after WKC, WKC >> FF XIII, just goes to show graphics is not everything on an RPG!!

Blaster_Master3186d ago

I thought the graphics looked great, what are you talking about?

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