Gamestop's Game Days Sale Kicks Off Today Massive Discounts Leaked

Ironstar: "Gamestop's once per year Game Days Sale is kicking off tomorrow with massive deals across all Platforms; crack open your piggy banks and run down to your nearest Gamestop. These games are all new."
(Listed Games On The Site)

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Ninji3183d ago

Aside from MGS4 (and maybe Disgaea 3) there isn't anything worth buying on that list.

-MD-3183d ago

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - $19.99
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - $14.99
COD4: GOTY - $19.99

All worth owning.

Shendow3183d ago

Two of my friends were working today at GameStop and one of them just hand me the list they had for themselfs, (He pretty much said it doesn't matter if I seen it now or later and their wasn't to many good games) an he was right.

So this hasn't stop me from buying a new 360, but I guess if you buy a 360 Elite now to April 1st, you get a $50 dollar gift card with it and I'm going for that mostly to get some other parts for the 360.

Outside of not really having games for the 360, I got my PS3 and my gf's Wii (Which just sits around).

morganfell3183d ago

If you haven't played Heavenly Sword then here is your chance at $29.

Silly gameAr3183d ago

How long does the sale last? I wouldn't mind getting Sacred 2 and Prototype.

HolyOrangeCows3183d ago

Rock Revolution only $4.99?! ALRIGHT!

SaiyanFury3183d ago

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection is awesome. I got it for 30 bucks new severl months ago. There's a lot of great software on sale there. I was eyeballing Dragonball: Raging Blast for a few weeks. I was thinking about buying it on the weekend, but seeing as I've got a lot of DB games on my PS2, I couldn't bring myself to pay 60 dollars. But seeing as it's on sale for 30 beans now, I'll happily pick it up. I hope some other people also pick up Way of the Samurai 3. A thoroughly enjoyable game with a great story. Think of the Choose Your Own Adventure books, in video game form set in feudal Japan.

hetz153182d ago

Just bought IL2-Sturmovik yesterday. An above average game. Too bad I don't hv more cash to spare because I want DB Raging Blast :(

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Eiffel3183d ago

There a few great games to own at those prices.

ImmortalLegend3183d ago

I will never do any business with them, sale or not. Very shoddy company imo.

Brklynty13183d ago

Bayonetta is not at a bad price considering it released in Jan. While MW2 released in Nov. and only docked $10? Wtf? How much copies has this game sold? Like 15 million right? Is there a reason to keep it at the brand new price still? I bet Activision is purposely not making Sony or 360 put in in the Greatest Hits, Platinum Hits list just so the price can stay high. Yea if anything Call of Duty 4 for me, you guys still play that right?

bobdog6263183d ago

If you did not get this game yet for 19.99 it is a Steal.My Best Game and a Must Buy.

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