Miyamoto blames industry slump on game quality

Mario creator tells The Economist that 2009 sales were down because games weren't as fun, explains his aversion to making online titles.

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-Alpha3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Yeah, on the Wii.

Don't know why sales were down but I can equally blame it on the economy. 2009 was a great year. Case closed. Except for the Wii. That console could have done better.

I wonder what his definition of fun is. Then again, he is the creator of Mario and nobody does fun like Nintendo does.

LazyHippie3159d ago

yea i agree. the wii is just going down like the gamecube. its not just game quality but even the gameplay is usually the same thing and it gets old fast.

Cueil3159d ago

What effing system is he playing...oh my bad... a Wii... just in the last 3 months we had Mass Effect 2 and GoW3... not to mention Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, and FF13... add in some Metro 2033 and the upcomming Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, and Crackdown 2 and we have so much quality is comming out our ears.

evrfighter3159d ago

I actually agree with him.

2009 sucked for video games. March 2010 alone was better than all of 2009.

TheBand1t3159d ago

And this is where we disagree, evr.

Last year, I enjoyed:

Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
Demon's Souls
Battlefield 1943
Wipeout HD fury
Batman: Arkham Asylum
and Resident Evil 5 (kinda)

Rocket Sauce3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

I thought 2009 was pretty brilliant for games, Wii included. This guy lives in Crazytown, though. Just look at that picture above - I think he's about to slay a cardboard dragon.

beardpapa3159d ago

The Wii. Hah. Even the kids at home got tired of it.

evrfighter3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

all the multiplat titles on your list were good but those were mostly just filler titles till something else came along.

The only ps3 title I cared about playing last year was kz2 and I was extremely disappointed. I didn't bother with UC2 seeing as UC fell into the filler category. Infamous I played the demo but it just hit me as a rental title, that I'll probably never get around to renting. I was interested more in the Yakuza 3 demo than Infamous. Even while looking pretty bad, it had good gameplay which is always > graphics.

All in All

to be more accurate

2009 was a filler year.

Ilikegames763159d ago

keen on supporting the core gamers enough. Most of the people who bought the Wii are casual gamers and a lot of them bought only one or two games. Some of the games came bundled with the Wii, like Wii Sports. They should release more games like Monster Hunter, Legend of Zelda or even Metroid. A lot of core gamers perceived Nintendo as selling out in favor of the casual gamers. Compared to casual gamers, core gamers tends to purchase a lot of games.

Ravage273159d ago

2009 was a brilliant year with high profile releases spread out over the months.

Demon's Souls + UC2, that alone made 2009 a year to remember

sikbeta3158d ago

This is how it work for nintendo, they make their games with their First Party devs and those games are mario, zelda, metroid... but never create a new IP so you have those games and the Third Party games that are Pure Crap, so instead of try something new, nintendo crew complain about game quality...

Sorry but, If this year nintendo make a New Mario, a New Zelda, a New Metroid and then the third party devs make the same crappy games again, what's going to happen?, I mean, complaining is not a solution, so in order to "satisfy" the Gaming needs, nintendo have to make more games, but what games, mario, zelda, metroid and such again?

HolyOrangeCows3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

LOL, Wii is proof that sales have NOTHING to do with quality.

Parapraxis3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

evrfighter, you are a sad sad little troll.

to be more accurate

you are a filler troll.


2009 was an epic year for gaming, 2010 looks to be just as good.
The "industry slump" eh....the PS3 and PSP are doing doing great while the Wii is dropping off...Why is that? Simple, the games.

Mahr3158d ago

"PSP [is] doing doing great"

Wow, any more spin on that statement, and it would go into orbit.

N4g_null3158d ago

I actualy can not be bother to play many of the games on the HD consoles.

If your games where so fun then why are you guys trading them in? Sure you need the money but if you are having so much fun why are you not still playing these games...

Seriously what are you guys playing from 09? Don't count online either then till me what you are playing still...

Maybe the hype is fun for you guys but most people see past this crap. Cool great graphics but even that did not help crysis against quake wars which i still play.

All i see is praise and hype online... this does not get other people excited. We want game play, some thing that takes skill. We want something intense, not pretty graphics and a system is worst than an intercity school lol.

If I was not working in this industry I wouldn't even be here right now, gamers these days suck. I'm actually glad the Wii is here to shake off the pop gamers and FPS drones.

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CaulkSlap3159d ago

I blame him and Nintendo for the slump in quality.

Cajun Chicken3159d ago

On everything but the PS3, yeah, I agree, to an extent, it wasn't quite as good as 2008.

slave2Dcontroller3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

and his Wii door-to-door Wii Salesmen were just at my Pad a few days ago. I thought they were Japanese Jehovah Witnesses at first, then they asked me a question- Can we "pray"... ur PS3? Now I cant seem to find my copy of Heavy Rain! XD

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