Warhammer Online Client Is Free

In a bid to attract new blood to Warhammer Online, Mythic has made the game a bit cheaper. You no longer have to pay a fee for the client software.

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Drithe3189d ago

WHo cares. This game has been dead for a while.

EvilCackle3189d ago

Yeah, it's a shame, too. I actually liked the massive PvP battles over keeps. The game just doesn't work without a high enough population, though.

dragonelite3189d ago

They should make it free and do some kind of cash shop and call it a day and see the money roll in i played it at start till they broke their servers with a patch that somehow increased latency with 300 ms.
That's extremely laggy

atticus143189d ago

I played this game for about 3 months and was pretty fun till the end game, the population is so small and cliques are pretty much established, it's hard getting into a good situation with scenarios - oRvR is usually one side stampeding the other, or no resistance at all.

tier 2&3 are great for the most part, but if your not playing at primetime you could easily have nothing to do for hours....Well I guess you could PvE but before you know it you'll level out of tier 2 without experiencing the PvP that the game was built around. Tier 3 can even be more absent of PvP.

You also will pretty much be guaranteed to be fighting with and against a bunch of veterans alts, which means your constantly getting yelled at if you don't play the way they want you to play, in some cases they're right but a lot of them think they are great because they have the best gear/talismans bought and paid for by their main characters yet have no clue how to play their character.

Anyway, despite all the negativity i think this is a must play game, just to see the ideas that this game had, there is a lot to be fixed that will never be fixed, but this game can provide some of the greatest experiences when things work out just right.

Drithe3189d ago

I will tell you what happened. In the beginning everyone was taking keeps fast and killing fast. Some were complaining that was all they did and the pvp was non existent but that was a lie. Late nighters often times didnt have alot of people so we took keeps and got rps that way too. But again peeps complained.

They nerfed the rps you got from keeps. They nerfed the rps you got from taking objectives too. Eventually they gave more rps for taking the whole zone, but there realms was not equally spread out in numbers or class balance.

Order had the advantage for a LONG LONG TIME and got to the cities over and over again before ONE DESTRUCTION even looked at an enemy city.

HERE IS SOMETHING FUNNY ON THIS THOUGH! In Dark Age of Camelot they upped the points you get in taking keeps and towers to speed the game up but nerfed Warhammer?

But the pvp didnt kill it as much as the CRAPPY PVE PARTS IN THE END GAME.

I mean you had to spend days doing certain INSTANCES JUST TO GET A CHANCE TO GET A DROP! I myself spent over 6 months doing the EMERALD FOREST (cant remember name) type instance and NEVER GOT ALL MY ARMORS. Yet some did it in 3 weeks.

This game was designed to make you repeat quests, that at first, were awesome to do and very fun, but after the 100th time you did it it drove you crazy. On top of this TIME SINK PROGRAM that mythic and MARK JACOBS made up, the game was just got boring and dull. It stopped being about fun. They did thier BEST to slow things down.

Someone, one day, will make an MMORPG that doesnt believe in TIMESINKS GAMES that makes you do quests over and over and just keeps making NEW quests that are fun to play. I mean that is why we pay 15 bucks a month right?

Most peeps just play the free servers of mmorpgs now. It just isnt worth 15 bucks any more to play these craptacular games.

End of Line.

Lightel0s3189d ago

seems this game gonna die before dark age of camelot comes to death.

i played DAoC for 4 long years and was awesome. but i feel since the begining that Mythic send fans to hell not doing DAoC 2 instead of warhammer