How DICE Failed Against Infinity Ward

Time to take the Bad Company 2 Fanboyism down a notch.

Let's get this out of the way: I'm a big fan of Bad Company 2, and it's been a God-Send to my PS3. Modern Warfare 2 failed me on so many levels that I ended up starving for my Multiplayer fix. As much as I do dislike Modern Warfare 2, and as much as EA has capitalized on being that new prophet for the faithless FPS fanbase, DICE hasn't exactly been the knight in shining armor. That's not to say that their game is bad, but with all that talk and comparison to Modern Warfare 2 something was bound to go wrong. You know the saying: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Consider this a slice of Humble Pie.

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ClownBelt3162d ago

Another back stab hit to Sony, although they don't have anything to do with it. Good job.

-Alpha3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Did you even read it? This had nothing to do with Sony. If you are referring to the "It's all Sony's fault" caption that was because there was an understanding that Sony was to blame for the store not getting up. The in-game store problem was said to be Sony's fault, while others blamed DICE for not ironing things out. It got fixed though, but it left people furious for pre-order incentives that they couldn't access.

@Clown below

Er, I just explained it to you... the in-game store was inaccessible on the PS3 and there was some back and forth blame. This problem didn't exist on the 360, and was one of the first things that DICE had to fix at launch. It wasn't a poke at Sony, relax. The caption just outlined that brief period of confusion that PS3 fans were put in the middle of: there was no explanation as to when the store would be fixed, and all people did was blame DICE/Sony for it.

ClownBelt3162d ago

Why bother putting the word "Sony" in the article when it has nothing to do with it? Right...

Bottom line is DICE screwed up its launching from all the platforms. It's pretty evident that they have the problem and not Sony.

Hanif-8763162d ago

This is the dumbest article i've ever read with not one on his points being true

movements3162d ago

Both games are awesome!