PlayStation Store Update: Nothing To See Here

If you're waiting for this week's PlayStation Store update to hit, you might want to make other plans. It doesn't look like we'll be treated to much in the way of updates to the PLAYSTATION 3's download service this week. No word from PR, nothing added to the store.

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pwnsause3908d ago

my guess is that they're going to give us a ton of S**t next week due to this

Omegasyde3908d ago

Bingo, but we should atleast get a trailer or two. I really wanna know what the heck this "clover" movie is that comes out in January.

IT's the first trailer you see if you have seen transformers....

LeonSKennedy4Life3908d ago

If you've seen Transformers, you probably saw that "untitled J.J. Abrams project".


note: j.j. abrams wrote/produced LOST and Alias

Lord Anubis3908d ago

agree, I was thinking they are prepping the servers for E3. I'm really looking forward to E3.

beast3908d ago

Last week was solid with Resistance -Motorstomr-Gundam demo-stardust HD

They should have kept the momentum.. Its funny how next thursday will be on Nintendo E3 day. Maybe they are collection the lair demo to overthrow Nintendo spotlight

akaFullMetal3908d ago

alot should hit us next week, so i agree with you guys that next week will be big, and what about e3, is the psn going to be having downloadable vids of it everynight of the daily coverage, or trailers, that would be cool

Kleptic3908d ago

the holiday screwed me up...I didn't even realize it was thursday...

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The story is too old to be commented.