Microsoft's Red Ring Woes: 1UP interviews Moore

After today's announcement that the manufactured console by Microsoft,were getting an extend 3 year warranty; Peter Moore spoke with on the issue.

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snoop_dizzle3849d ago

if your 360 breaks and you don't have a warranty or are outside of your warranty, you get it replaced for free or for a small price?


FordGTGuy3849d ago

If your Xbox 360 has any kind of defect within a year of purchase you will get it replaced for free. If your Xbox 360 has the RROD within 3 years you will get it replaced for free. The three year warranty only cover the Red Rings of Death.

Omegasyde3849d ago

I am on my second. I never got the RROD but I know a number of people did get disc error, and thier Xbox's won't read certain games.

I sent it and got a replacement, but I was warned that I shouldn't tamper with my 360 or enter non DVD/CD's in the console....

I never did that, hmmm. If you get the Disc Error, I definately recommend you tell them you got RROD. I also see alot of RROD reporting this Fall after Halo Fever.

Bleyd3848d ago

that if you have any problems with your 360 and you are outside the first year warranty and you don't want to have to pay to get it fixed then you should wrap a nice heavy towel around it to force it to get the RROD. At this point MS will gladly replace your 360 for free.

Kokoro3849d ago

It was late, but it woul`ve been better if it was caught earlier. Better luck next time msoft

i Shank u3849d ago

love how the interviewer tells peter his launch 360 has disc problems, and that it still wont be fixed under this. funny to hear him tapdance in every interview. good interview, and good job MS for acknowleding and doing something.

PSTripleOG3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )


Daxx3849d ago

I was a PS fanboy like you, but it was Halo that converted me. If you haven't played Halo you're in no circumstance to talk sh*t about it.

And come one everyone, it's not like every 360 that is out there is dieing. This failure rate thing is being blown way out of scale.

Husso3849d ago

still pretends theres no big problems.

just a small vocal minority, rolf +30% is small hahahahha.

WafflesID3849d ago

I'm sure you have NUMBERS to show its 30% then huh?

Yeah thought so.

"Well, it still is a minority of customers and clearly they're very vocal and they should be, because we haven't done right by them. Todd was right, it is a minority. The great majority of people are having a great time with their Xbox 360s -- you know that. We don't have 10 million broken Xbox 360s, but we haven't done a good job, in recent months in particular, of taking care of the people that have taken care of us, Patrick."

yeah..that sounds like someone who is "pretending" its no big deal...

dodgefate3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

it has been stated 100 times..

WafflesID3849d ago

Oh I've seen that "stat" over 100 times.

I'm sure there are some NUMBERS actually in there right? Instead of just some employee saying "Well it sure seems like 30%"


Still thought so.

FACT is that NOBODY has any numbers to PROVE (key words here children) what the actual failure rate is.

try again..

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