Live Action Ghost Recon Future Soldier Trailer

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Live Action Trailer shows no in game footage but possible features of the title. Cloaking, Land Based Drones, and even more technological advances since G.R.A.W.


Should be Wii too.

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Delta3186d ago

Yes it does. I cant wait to play the beta from SCC.

Crazyhorse3186d ago

Theres a beta in SCCC???

ASSASSYN 36o3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Lol! Yep there sure is! Check bonus info on the page.

math3186d ago

I wonder if PS3 will get a beta a little later too.

jjohan353186d ago

For some reason, this does not interest me whatsoever. The next Rainbow Six please?

Willio3186d ago

Sorry but everything shown is Killzone 2. From cloaking to facemask is way too similar.

arakouftaian3186d ago

as a Killzone fan This good that this guys are been inspired by KILLZONE 2 and not Halo(Power rangers inpired) or MW2.

But even in real live action the animation and effects on KILLZONE 2 looks much better quality .

I hope the game-play on this game is Good and top quality. like in KILLZONE.

GRAW was ok in the single player it was fun .

Chubear3186d ago

Never really been big on the GRAW games but they've been reasonably entertaining for me in the past but I hoping gameplay vids match the excitement of that trailer though.

... feels great to see FPSs being inspired/influenced by GGs Killzone2 instead of the regular ol' CoD/Halo clone #3891748385 we've been feed for far too long.

The Lazy One3186d ago

Conker's Bad Fur Day had both cloaking and face masks. Killzone 2 = GRFS = Conker's Bad Fur Day?! OMGBBQ

red_grapefruit_juice3186d ago

arent we tired of killing crazy Russians?

badz1493186d ago

there is no russian dev making an FPS killing crazy American yet (as far as I can remember), so...while waiting for that to happen, crazy russian will do for now, I guess.

IdleLeeSiuLung3186d ago

Looks pretty cool, but I wonder why the soldiers taking down the tanks didn't just cloak before attacking?

Clearly you can move and be cloaked at the same time.


Very similar the stance when he walk, cloaked like this character:

Commander TK3186d ago

Russians and Arabs aren't the "bad guys" lol? If Americans r the bad guys in a game, it would cause the biggest controversy ever.

The Lazy One3184d ago

American's were the bad guys in Modern Warfare 2 and Splinter Cell Double Agent.

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poe3186d ago

This should be Xbox Exclusive.

Delta3186d ago

LOL 576p FTW /S

Thats all 360 can do 576p

Crazyhorse3186d ago

Shuld be calls noob kid5507

masterofpwnage3186d ago

so it cant perform and have the visual dream the developers want.

look im not a fanboy, but 360 exclusive just cant match the ps3 excluive in performance and visuals.

Just look what happen the metro 2023. hyped up to be goty and better visuals then killzone2, but it flopped.

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kenlawson3186d ago

I would much rather see some in game footage than this crap, this has nothing to do with the game as far as I'm concerned. All this does is increase the price I have to pay for games. That had to be exspensive as hell to make. Spend more time on games, less time one Live Action Trailers.

eemoemo523186d ago

Gotta admit though that's great advertising.

Inside_out3186d ago

What a waste of time and money...where's the game play already...This was gonna come out last yr then delayed...They better have some gameplay at E3...Beta on SC Conviction???... MW2 game trailers were that game...IMO, Graw 2 best multi player this gen...Incredible maps, weapons, game modes and graphics, on 360 anyway, PS3 version brutal and PSN...well...lets not talk about it...Redstorm handled the multi player stuff...single player pretty bad going back to graw 1...Redstorm should make their own game...The whole cloak thing is dumb...looks like Crysis...I heard all kinds of stories already, captain mitchell goona be bionic man in this one...LMAO...What's going on with Ubisoft....

FanboyAttack3186d ago

There hasnt been a Ghost Recon game since the CODMW series. I wonder if it can still be popular.

math3186d ago

You're right. Man Ubisoft has some old franchises. Splinter Cell is like 7 years old this one is older than that. Rainbow Six, they need some new IP's

BYE3186d ago

Not sure about popularity, but I'm pretty sure that it will be better. The AW2 gameplay is still, to this day, superior to MW2.

The stuff you can do is much more interesting and it's less casual than the CoD series.

STICKzophrenic3186d ago

I completely agree.

After being a casual gamer for the majority of my life, GRAW was the first shooter I bought and it was so amazing and turned me into a shooter junkie lol.

This video looks sweet. It gives a little bit of story info and shows off some features they have in store for the game. I want this game now!

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