Hardcore Gamers Are All Hypocrites! Playstation Move and Project Natal Lovers

Ironstar Movement Writes: "It was only a little less than a year ago, that hardcore gamers were denouncing motion controls, and everything they stood for. But with the emergence of Project Natal and Playstation Move, it seems a huge amount of these once dedicated motion control detractors, have flipped the script and are now some of motion controls' biggest supporters. I'm sure we all know a hand full of friends who are raving about this, so there's no doubt you guys can relate to this annoyance."

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FanOfGaming3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )


To be honest I never really downed motion controls; I just thought Wii sucked in general lol jk, No seriously...

Wii gave motion controls a bad look with all the shovel ware published on the console; it will be great to see Sony or Microsoft bring some hardcore games to a motion control scheme.

thorstein3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

That I said both would FAIL on my 1Up Blog:

ChozenWoan3184d ago

Last year at this time we didn't have Motion Plus on the streets, nor even a hint of Natal or PSMove. Motion Plus took motion controls one step closer to being hardcore, and PSMove has taken it even further.

To act like nothing has changed over the past year but peoples opinion of motion controls due to "Mob Mentality", well that is being more than a little naive if not even borderline indignant. To be presented with new facts and evidence and to still proclaim "the world is flat" due to past popular beliefs is the epitome of stupidity. Motion Controls have moved forward, time for hardcore gamers to do so as well.

See you all on the battlefield.

dangert123184d ago

but alot are it seems well on n4g atleast

i had a wii and loved it but then it broke so i sold it to gamestation and got a 360 (they did't check it)

but i loved the wii and never dissed motion controls
as i loved
mario kart wii
super smash braw (you have to have four players to have fun though)
no more hero's
red steel's multiplayer reminded me of golden eye plus i loved holding the gun 2 the side like a bad man ;)
mario galaxy
and i liked fifa 09 and the pes games
how much control you had and how tactical it allowed you to be was amazing
and battlion wars don't no how i almost forgot that game was sick

can't wait to see these kind of controls come to hd consoles

The Killer3184d ago

correction, that is only 360 fanboys are hypocrites because Natal is casual but Move is hardcore and casual!!

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Natsu X FairyTail3185d ago

There's nothing wrong with Motion Controls as long that it's well done like in 1st party Nintendo games and a few 3rd parties like Capcom.

the rest is crap

RememberThe3573185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

When the Wii was first announce as the Revolution I was disappointed that it didn't have HD graphics but I didn't write the system off. It was after the onslaught of party games and shovel-ware that my opinion of the Wii platform went south.

But you also have to think about it this way: No one had shown what motion controls could really do until Sony and Microsoft entered the fray. Most everything Nintendo showed off was either childish or awkward. Hardcore gamers never saw how motion controls would expand our immersion so we didn't care about them. Now that we have been shown how they can improve our experience we are interested.

That is not hypocrisy, but understanding. People aren't changing their minds on motion controls because their favorite console maker is doing it, they're changing their minds on motion controls because they have been shown that it can be used in a more hardcore context.

ChozenWoan3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Bubble up 357

masterofpwnage3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

finally a article like this.
what took so long.
when it was just the wii 360 fanboys and ps3 fanboys marked it as not a console, but now they have it is like the next coming of jesus. do you see all the hype for the natal. no games and the only game it has lags and its only catching the ball and paiting, just imagine a much more bigger game. and also the avatars sometimes have a siezure.
show me something to be hyped about for natal. it can still be great it still have time before it is release.

the ps move proved to me and gave me a reason to be hyped. i was a fan of the wii and the move is just a better version of the wii with not only better graphics but lots of potential. just imagine a game that utilize the move that has better performance and visual then uncharted and god 3 and i know its going to be hard but nothing is impossible and GG prove that to us with killzone 2

DoucheVader3184d ago

This doesn't really make sense. Hardcore gamers haven't had a motion control experience that warranted another investment in a console.

3184d ago
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