Why Motion Controls Are Useless

Crispy Gamer: Now that Cripsy Gamer has had some time to fully digest Microsoft and Sony's "future of fun" motion controllers (Project Natal and Move, respectively) they thought it would be a good time to dissect them a little before we get a larger picture of them at E3. As they stated in an earlier blog post, ther are not a fan of motion controls; never have been, and from what they've seen from these two new controllers, they wont be any time soon.

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tunaks13161d ago

because thats your opinion,
Metroid Prime 3 says hello

dangert123161d ago

useless? don't be silly

NateNater3161d ago

Some people like motion gaming and some don't. But it is in no way useless.

sikbeta3161d ago

Weird, after E309 every site was jumping into the motion-hype-wagon and Now, after the GDC, some sites are starting to go against it...

nycredude3161d ago

We need an article on Why these article and blogs are useless. Motion controls are coming whether we like it or not. Get used to it. If you don't like it don't buy it simple as that. As long as it doesn't affect the core gaming experience then I don't see why there is all this resistance. Seems like the hater mentality to me, although I am not entirely surprised judging by the way media has been this gen. Bunch of whiners and spoiled brats IMO.

Seekerofthewind3161d ago

Motion controls are coming whether we like it or not.

Coming? I've been enjoying motion controls for almost four years...

N4g_null3160d ago

oh its going to effect youur hardcore games just the way the fps effected your games lol.

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dkgshiz3161d ago

I honestly don't care.

EvilTwin3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Using LoZ:TP as an acid test for motion controls is so stupid that it's barely worth addressing. Gee, you mean a Gamecube game ported over with a tacked-on gameplay mechanic didn't fully exploit motion controls? Really? You don't say? Fricking moron.

Move demos did have lag; they point to a brawling game. Guess what? When you chain together button presses for combos in fighting games, the finished moves that appear onscreen usually aren't instantaneous, either. And 1:1 motion isn't perfect for every type of game.

What's the real benefit of a thumb stick against "having a glorified laser pointer guide my troops"? They're just different input methods.

And as Tunas said, Prime 3 pretty much destroys the "IR/pointer doesn't work for aiming in shooting games"-type argument. Does it one up a mouse/keyboard? No. No one will ever say it does. But it DOES walk on dual analog.

TW10 certainly benefited from Motion Plus, too.

That doesn't mean motion controls are a good fit for every game, but they augment the experience in certain genres.

JohnnyHalo3161d ago

Motion "CONTROLS" are useless. If you don't have to hold anything in your hand then its an improvement in technology. Microsoft is paving the way for the future.

NateNater3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Natal having no controller actually makes it worse for most games. Especially driving ones.

N4g_null3160d ago

i hope your xbox dies when gears 3 come out lol. i'd love to see what epic is going to use natal for.

Marty83703161d ago

I mean 'get ready to shell out alot for more controllers'. We do that for every console out there if ya want to play multiplayer. Wii no different, still pricey once you by four controllers.

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