PlayStation Store Global Update 03/25/2010

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DoucheVader3187d ago

Section 8 finally comes to the PS3. This any good?

T3mpr1x3187d ago

According to Wikipedia/Metacritic, it's average:

eggbert3187d ago

Lol... who is going to buy that now...

Chubear3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Well hey, seeing as it was 60bucks at launch on the 360, $29.99 won't seem so bad to somebody for a downloadable game on PSN. @ 29.99, not remotely interested personally but I'm sure there'll be somebody that buys it at that price.

FragGen3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

@chubear: No, I don't think so... the original poster is correct, I think. Section 8 is going to be a massive failure.

Let's see: a "me too" product in the ULTRA competitive FPS market, with no advertising, on-line only, download only, no demo, and a $30 price tag. They should have had an open beta to generate excitement or something.

Just listening to the description of its market situation and you know its sales are going to be dismal. I wonder how people ever manage to finish projects like this knowing no one will ever buy it.

Heck, Psychokinetic Wars is virtually the same thing and it costs *$4.99* on PSN store right now. No one plays it either.

ftwrthtx3186d ago

The download is almost 4 gigs in size. Why wasn't this a disc based release for the PS3?

Lirky3187d ago

Japan always get the most psone classics, i wish this was equally shared : saga frontier needs to come on psone classics. Or else theres other ways to play this classic and i want to enjoy it back on the console.