US PlayStation Store Update 3/25 Hi Everyone – It's time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

The Free MAG DLC. This week's Spring Fever highlights celebrate Classic Shooters. Find Gravity Crash (PS3) & Everyday Shooter (PS3) & (PSP) for $4.99 (regular price $9.99 each). Offers good through 3/31/10. Follow link for full list.

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Myst3099d ago

Was wondering when this would finally hit N4G. Anyway yay for Heavy Rain avatars, may finally change my Kanji avatar for one of those. By chance does anyone have a collage of how the avatars look? I tried google search but didn't find any images related to what the avatars would look like.

kenpachi3099d ago

you can see what they look like when they update on the store before you download them

Myst3099d ago

*facepalms self*

Thank you Kenpachi, lol I haven't been on the store in quite some time (probably two weeks now so...)

Eh, guess I'll go take a look then.

ReservoirDog3163099d ago

There was a lot of stuff this week but nothing that really interests me. Like at all.

Hopefully next week something good turns up.

Chubear3099d ago

Pretty sweet update for me.

Blue Toad1-3
Heavy Rain avatar

all for 'bout 20bucks. I just love gaming but most especially, PS3 gaming :)

JoySticksFTW3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Finally! Some more DJ Hero mixes... Yes, I'm the one who bought DJ Hero

And a new Tester is out

Pretty cool


Whoa! Chubear, what happened to all of your bubbles?

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Ninji3099d ago

They wait until the end of the month and put up avatars from a game that came out the month before it (and only one game at that). I really don't even see why they bother.

DarkTower8053099d ago

That's my major gripe. They should be released the same week as the game releases. I'll still take it though, but I'm sure Sony lost out on alot of $$$ delaying this.

xabmol3099d ago

I hate it when people on my friends list buy them new avatars and constantly change 'em up. Makes me all confused when I look for 'em. @[email protected]

I've had the same avatar since day 1. Can you guess what it is? (hint: look left x])

Chris3993099d ago

Let's keep the ball rolling with that. Especially the random, niche, Japanophile titles like Cho Aniki and Rengoku II. (Did that even get a U.S. release? Dunno, but I bought it anyhow.)

subzero-083099d ago

Pretty pumped for this MAG update.

DlocDaBudSmoka3099d ago

if section 8 will have trophies?

kenpachi3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

pretty sure all PSN games have trophies its mandatory now

YoungKiller253099d ago

starting in 2009 all ps3 games had to have trophies, i really wanted to check out section 8 ill trade you Battlefeild 1943 for it?!?!

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