Shit Characters Who Almost Ruined Great Games

Sometimes really great and really shit things go together like an unhappy married couple who've stuck it out for 40 years. Lollipops and tooth-terrorising drills at the dentist, six pints of lager and a ruinous hangover and, occasionally, rubbish characters and great games. And it's testament to the following titles' awesomeness that they somehow stayed afloat in spite of their hateful captains.

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George Sears3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Man Kojima sure fooled us. Although I know that he doctored some promo trailers in order to assume you were controlling Snake the entire game, story wise everything that he did was understandable. Basically, having Snake as the main character wouldn't make sense to what Kojima is trying to portray. Not only that but his intentions were for us the players to be somewhat fooled and manipulated into playing this character just as much as how he (Raiden) was fooled and manipulated by others.

People say that MGS2 sucks, that it's there least favorite but as for me, I have never played a game with such cinematic symbolism that not even there sequels could surpass. A game were I had to replay countless times in order to understand and grasp everything Kojima
tried to explain. Not only that but it also has the best Codec conversations, Easter eggs
(From the minuscule Raiden getting pooped on by birds to the extreme Snakemasturbating on a poster with an Asian model, enemy soldier pissing your face among
others) on the entire franchise.

Bereaver3183d ago

Raiden, was not a bad character. This is what Kojima meant to do. He is the man, that can screw you up, from a mile away, and leave you thinking about it... forever. lol

Method3183d ago

Definitely agree with Nero. I hope Capcom finds a way to kill him off in the most gruesome way possible in Devil May Cry 5.

Digitaldude3183d ago

Lol seriously critics don't get it. Sure Raiden was a surprise, he pulled off something no one had the balls to do.
He also made you look at Snake in a different perspective, maybe more badass or just as another solider.

SullyDrake3183d ago

The rest I can agree with for the most part though.

lightningsax3183d ago

I agree. It was weird to not play as Snake for a while, but the story in that game was very well-told by the end, and the symbolic stuff was awesome.

People complain about playing as a polygonal naked guy for a little bit, but they seem to forget that it's just one of many tricks Kojima plays on the gamer for that scene - I won't talk about those here since someone out there may not have played this game yet, but it's one of the best scenes in gaming.

That said, it gets into a bit of self-referential humor with the stepsister thing, and if you took that seriously back in the day, you may have thrown the disc out your window... that was a weird part.

Digitaldude3183d ago

Fission Mailed.

BYE3183d ago

I enjoyed playing from a different, rookie perspective in MGS2.

That was pretty much what made this part in the series deep and interesting. With Snake it would have been only half the fun.

Varodor3183d ago

Sev in the list and masterchef not...nothing to worry about it's just gamesradar

thief3183d ago

The funny thing is, so many people mention MGS2 as being a disappointment, but its still among the highest rated games on the PS2, sold 6 million copies, its just a lot of post-facto analysis about why it supposedly sucks because of Raiden, as pointed out here, the story just would not work unless you played as him.

hay3183d ago

I hereby declare Raiden part as complete bullcr*p. Despite fantastic MGS3 and beyond awesome MGS4, 2nd is my favourite.
It shows Snake from different angle, adds really messed up character to the series and gameplay with storyline are brilliant.

I had a blast playing it for the first time, and it's still fun to play today. Visuals are still good, story and chars are timeless, atmosphere is perfect.

Raiden is whiny, girly looking soldier, but he's more messed up psychologically than Snake, who's world starts to collapse. Great stuff.

ReservoirDog3163183d ago

Raiden was weird but still a good game overall (3,4,1,2 though).

Daxter? No, just no.

Johnny Klebitz? How? They were all such good characters (last few story missions felt rushed though). Horrible people (was disgusted by what they called girls though and I'm not easily disgusted) but Johnny had one of the best lines ever.

“Well, I think what I’ve learned is, there’s always a man, dude. He just wears a different uniform.”

Bad list.

sikbeta3183d ago

@George Sears

Kojima is a Master and I always thought he did it on "purpose", I mean something like make the players use Raiden, so when they see how lame is he, they go crazy mad cuz they want to play with the Legendary Hero and make them miss him so much, just thoughts

MGS2 is an Amazing Game with the More Complex Story in the Series IMO


·The lame dude-clon of Dante in DMC4
·Shiva and C.Redfield in RE5
·Rico in KZ2 [?]
·The lame dude in FF12

callahan093183d ago

GamesRadar effs one up again. They don't label their article as containing spoilers, and they go through game after game without any spoilers, and then you get to FFX, the one game on the list where the story matters significantly, and they go spoiler-crazy with no warning.

If you didn't play FFX yet and you intend to someday play it, don't read that entry in this article!

xabmol3183d ago

A. Ignorant

B. Homophobic

C. Both

DatNJDom813183d ago

Do they mean the Raiden that was a child soldier in a civil war at the age of 10? The big headed rookie, that then cracked under pressure when real sh!t hit the fan, only to step his game up at the end and take out a few Metal Gear Rays with a rocket launcher? The character that helped the story out by showing Solid Snake's bad assery. That Raiden? Oh yea he really did suck.

Hating on Raiden is so 2001. Get over it.

CobraKai3183d ago

Isn't it ironic how after MGS4 some people were nagging about the fact that the couldn't play as Raiden. I'm pretty sure a lot of them liked Raiden in the first place though.

Seriously, not many developers can do what Kojima did with MGS2. No one would DARE risk it.

As for me, the character development he went through in MGS2 went from hate to respect. Especially after he got that sword!!

ico923182d ago

wow people are still hating on Raiden i thought all the hate for him had ended after MGS4 with those 2 epic fights with the Gekko and Vamp, honestly i was one of the few people that in a way liked Raiden, i understood what Kojima was aiming for with the character.

lightningsax3182d ago

@Digitaldude - I need scissors! 61!

@DatNJ - Oh snap! Awesome comment.

Hanif-8763182d ago

Raiden is the main reason i bought "Sons of liberty" because he actually made the game fun with his ridiculously cool ninja sword that can block a bullet or ten lol

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Ninji3183d ago

Like MGS2 for example (one of the worst games so far but Rising will soon take its place). Then they tried forcing Raiden onto everybody yet again with MGS4 and it was annoying. Just kill off the annoying bastard already!

sikbeta3183d ago

MGS2 is Awesome and yes, Raiden is lame and when you play with him you always say "why is not Snake the main character, instead of this lame-whiny-dude", but the Game is Great no matter how lame is Raiden

MiloGarret3183d ago

Sikbeta states the truth.

MGS2= Great game, LAME main character.

I don't get why Daxter is on the list, the little fücker is funny. I would also substitute Sev for Rico. I know he's not the main guy but man... Rico needs to die.

Irnbruguy3183d ago

I'm probably the only person i know that enjoyed playing as raiden.

NaiNaiNai3183d ago

No I did as well. >.> except naked kartwheels.

MGS2 was one of my favorite MGS games to date...

Probably right behind MGS3S...

bjornbear3183d ago

are people who were Solid Snake fans, not MGS fans

Raiden was fine, just the script was a bit sappy and the naked part although funny was a bit sad =P

but he was fine, at least he had personality, unlike half the video game characters that look more like mannequin's

Sheikh Yerbouti3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

I like Snaku better than Raiden, and I like Metal Gear Solid. I'll buy Rising though.

I like Raiden's back story, but the story is about Snaku, both Naked and Solid varieties. Looking back, MGS2 still seem like a departure even though I know how Raiden fits in with the whole story line.

Maybe it MGS2 wasn't so darn cryptic, and complex in its storyline, I'd like the character more. Really...Hollywood couldn't make a movie out of MGS2. MGS2, hell the series is more like an epic novel. Kojima tells a complex story.

I know Raiden is supposed to represent the player and contribute to a sense of lack of control, being subjected to major manipulation by unknown, deceptive and/or mysterious persons, and a general lack of knowledge about the conditions and motives of several characters as well as the twists and turns of the plot. Yada Yada Yada.

He just ain't Snaku. With MGS2 I wanted to play Snaku not a representation of me.

Baka-akaB3182d ago

snaku ? Why do you "nipponise" stuff far more than actual japanese folks ?

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xabmol3183d ago

"Hmmm. Stay fuzzy, save the world... Choices."

ThaOutKast3183d ago

That Clank one was priceless.