No Single Player Add On for MW2

TSA Writes:

Robert Bowling has revealed that Infinity Ward are not considering adding to the single player experience of Modern Warfare 2.

The community manager was speaking in an interview with TheSixthAxis

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WildArmed3185d ago

What? I thought they'd actually finish the campaign. Wasn't exactly fun when the game ended half way.. (4 hours into the game)

Rob Hornecker3185d ago

I agree that the single player left me cold,but what really sucks is that there is NO spec ops add ons either. To me the spec ops was the best part of the game! What ashame!

WildArmed3185d ago

Yeah but to me Spec ops was extremely broken.
Don't get me wrong, i think Spec ops was the only reason why it was worth renting the game, but w/o match making.. that is just horrible.
I dont know how people gave the game a free ride if it lacked match making