PS3: Merchandising Manager Confirms $100 Price Cut

Although Sony has yet to confirm a price drop officially, GameDaily BIZ has received confirmation from the retail sector that the PS3 will be dropped to $499 next week. Sony itself recently talked about "refining" the PS3 price. Now it appears to be happening.

A PS3 price cut rumor spread like wildfire across the Internet this afternoon when several sites spotted a new advertisement from Circuit City. The ad as seen on Kotaku lists the PS3 console at $499.99, $100 less than its current price.

It wasn't clear at first if this ad was a special deal specific to the electronics retailer or if it's indeed a retail-wide price cut instituted by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). As it turns out, a merchandising manager (who wished to remain anonymous) at one of the world's biggest retailers has confirmed to GameDaily BIZ that the price drop is indeed retail-wide and it's scheduled to take place on July 12, although the first wave of ads to promote the PS3's new price won't kick in until Sunday, July 15.

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DrWan3908d ago

PS2 owners that held out for a year, here you go. Sony is listening to you and they drop the price to probably take another hit, financially.

the_round_peg3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

but it's really not enough. It really needs a $200 price cut, which Sony can't afford.

PS3 won't really start selling in large number until its price hits $300, regardless of PS3 is worth that kind of money or not. It's because most families and financially responsible people simply refuse to spend more than $300 for a video game console.

Most people simply would not look beyond the $500-600 price tag, which they think is just ridiculous for an "entertainment" console, and there's really nothing Sony can do to change their mind.

genix133908d ago

This is true, however in comparison with the 360elite I think it's great pricing, only a couple of tens more plus you get all the additional features like blu-ray, media cards reader, etc. I thinks the 60GB ps3 is a great deal at $500 because of all that it includes

Also Known As3908d ago




BIadestarX3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Betrayal! to their current installbase! And to think that Sony fanboys trusted Sony when they said buy our console now and we show you the games later. Well... good for those of us that didnt rush and buy it... now we can pay 100 less for it.
... I still think I can benefit from another price drop before the games I want to play hit the stores.

relax people I was kidding... I just wanted to sound like sony fanboys when microsoft anounced the elite.. that they all scream "current xbox owners got raped". honesly... I love the fact that sony is dropping the price. i wish sony drops the price to 299 if possible.

DrWan3908d ago

how is a price drop betrayal? do people buy system expect the price to stay at 600 forever? they knew it was going to come down sometime in the future and decided to buy now and enjoy later. If that betrayal mentality is what u r holding onto, might as well buy a PS2 right now after 7 yrs and u have all these games to choose from, this is exactly what some ppl did. They skipped a generation. Buy PS2, play it for 5 more years adn buy all the old games at like 10 bucks, then 5 yrs later buy a PS3. I know ppl like that. I certainly don't think a price cut can be "bad" or screwing over current fanbase, current fanbase paid 600 already, they don't care.

TruthHurts3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

"Betrayal! to their current installbase! And to think that Sony fanboys trusted Sony when they said buy our console now and we show you the games later. Well... good for those of us that didnt rush and buy it... now we can pay 100 less for it"

wow. i don`t feel that way.
I know why i paid for, what i payed for.
and i`m happy that more people will exp. ps3, you make that sound like a bad thing they dropped the price to attract more people.

Every console goes thru its post launch dry spells, if you dont know that then you JUST started playing video games.

and lastly.
comes in the form of one word, "ELITE".

youve logged a 1000hours into your 360, huh?
and let me guess i don`t play my ps3.
my ps3 is on about 16-17 hours a day.
i own lots of games, great ones too.
and my ps3 is far from dusty.
i can tell you where my 360 is, actually i cant. LOL.
but it was the REAL dust collector. number 1 and number 2.
ps3 fans play games.

nextgengaming183908d ago

To troll? I haven't even ignored you yet, but I'm tired of your countless comments, that don't even make sense. You try and make every positive ps3 news, negative. Why don't you stay in teh xbox 360 section. There isn't even a point for you to be on this section, if you don't care to own a ps3, or play any of the games.

weekapaugh3908d ago

So if MS drops their price will that be betrayal as well?

PS3n3603908d ago

It is a betrayal because you didnt get a single AAA befor the price drop. If 360 drops in price now I wouldnt care since I have logged over 1000 hours of play time with wicked games. 360 is a year older so a price drop would be in line and frankley expected. If I bought a PS3 at launch and watched it collect dust waiting for the good games to hit only to watch the price drop after a few months now I would be mighty pissed at Sony. Face it Sony Fanboys got raped.

hazeblaze3908d ago

There is no one who's only next gen console is a PS3 that has watched it collect dust... there are plenty of awesome games on it already and 2 exclusives that I like better than anything on my 360, period. Now with the fall bringing such an awesome game line up... no one is going to feel ripped off by their PS3 purchase. I bought my 360 last summer & let's be for real... we didn't have any real standout exclusives until Nov... The PS3 is coming a lot harder than the 360 did and I applaud the system for it.

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Husso3908d ago

Not bad, maybe another one by xmas.

techie3908d ago

I remember the £100 price cut of the PS2 in the UK - first cut happened around this time. I don't think it's betrayel...might be a biatch for me though since I've just bought it :) Though no news of Uk yet...

VendettaWFT3908d ago

Honestly, who are you really betraying by knocking the price down a 100 dollars...maybe the people who bought the thing in the past week or so, but other than that no one. I see a lot of hate getting thrown to Sony for this move but this price cut in no way hurts the consumer at all.