God of War 3 (PS3): OXCGN's Steal It For 360


"It's that time again. When we at OXCGN use our silent, stealthy skills to scope out the competition and sneak into the nearest GAME store, slip the latest exclusive game from the *shudder* other console off the shelf, shove the cash into the shopkeeper's hands and sprint out the door before we're recognised.

When I had found a suitably secluded alleyway free from prying, judging eyes, I cast a glance down at the title written on the strangely alien-feeling box, so unfamiliar from the comforting heft of an Xbox 360 DVD case.

It said God of War 3."

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BadCircuit3187d ago

I don't have a PS3 but God of War 3 sounds very good so I think it should go on the Xbox 360. Also I don't like how consoles have exclusive games because I only have a 360.

MrMacabre3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

It's hilarious that an obvious massive fanboy pr!ck had to pick up a PS3 exclusive and play it all the way through then write an article about it! Does this happen the other way around? I've not read it if it has.

However it's very sad that he had to make up some rubbish about bad textures or lip synching problems that i've never heard anyone talk about at all, to soften the blow to their fanbase that the PS3 has this amazing game which isn't possible on their console.

If you're gonna be a fanboy then at least stick to your convictions... [email protected]!

@xboxoz360 PS3 is $299 in US i think. My arguement was not that he/she shouldn't be playing it but that they shouldn't be reviewing it as he/she is obviously biased and can't look at it objectively. I'd be happy if they were actually convinced that the Playstation is more then just their guilty pleasure but they are stuck in their convictions and closed minded.

gaminoz3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

@ BadCircuit

There would be no point in getting one console over another then, but it would be cheaper...

XboxOZ3603187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

He's a developer and plays "games" on all platforms, and works in the industry, so I think he'd know if there were nit-picky things, but that aside, he loved the game, what's wrong with that???

Does it really matter that if you favour one platform you MUST therefore stick to it, otherwise you're not considered a 'true fan' - that's just plain BS . .

There's several games I'd grab tomorrow if I had a PS3 (and please, let's not go into - "oh you're a fanboy - you just don't want one, otherwise you'd have one" - rubbish - as they are still a great deal here in Aust, much more than the 360 is presently selling for, and I certainly do not have the $AU500 - $AU600 for one at this stage)

This game, Heavy Rain, Metal Gear 4, FF XIII would be in my cupboard faster than I could drive to the store, as they are 'excellent games' and we've 'reviewed' them as well and given them solid scores.

WHy, because we're 'gamers' not stupid fanboys.

We look past the silly platform war and see games that are meant to be played, and if writing about a game makes you less of a fanboy, then that's great in my books, as I dislike fanboys to no end.

The writer simply had some fun while also sharing his scary but great experience with one of the best games around this year so far, which shares the space with several others one different platforms.

Let's 'try' and be adult about the hobby, or that just too much to ask for . .?

Edit to MrMacarbe: Obviously you did not read that the price I gave is AUSTRALIAN Dollars . .do have a read where it says $AU500 - $AU600, because that's what they cost here mate, they started at a shocking $AU999,98 . . now tell me that is not DEAR . . .

He's certainly not biased, and often reviews the PS3 games, and does a damn fine job of it as well. Do some searches and you'll find our PS3 articles, and you will NOT find any rubbishing of the games nor the platform, as that is NOT our style.

If anyone is a fanboy here sir, it's you for not even looking at the satire in his work, and seeing it for what it is, he loved the game and enjoyed it to bits, which IS what matters the most.

REALgamer3187d ago

I don't know if he's talking about the same point, but I had a weird cutscene too where it stuttered multiple times and for a few seconds the characters froze and stopped animating while the voices and sounds went on. I'm pretty sure it was the first time talking to Hera.

And I'd agree that occasionally the textures were a bit dodgy, like on the massive eagle statues when he's climbing the chain and on some environment surfaces. Mostly it all looked amazing but in my opinion Uncharted 2 is still the best-looking game this generation.

Microsoft Xbox 3603187d ago

The God of War 3 you see today is technically impossible on the 360.

SullyDrake3187d ago

... There are none. The visuals are absolutely flawless.

Immortal Kaim3187d ago

I think you need to lighten up a bit, the author is clearly making fun of the situation of an Xbox site reviewing a PS3 exclusive...

So what if he noticed some 'flaws' with the game and pointed them out, isn't that what a reviewer is supposed to do? Just because its from an Xbox site doesn't mean they have the same mentality as you childish morons on N4G.

deadreckoning6663187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

"It's that time again. When we at OXCGN use our silent, stealthy skills to scope out the competition and sneak into the nearest GAME store..."

Thats the problem, u think theres a COMPETITION. U people call yourselves professional gaming journalist, yet you can't spend 300 bucks to get a PS3 to enjoy a great game. These are VIDEO GAME consoles, there is NO war. That fact that you think gaming on the PS3(a piece of technology meant for entertainment) is a "crime" scares me.

@hoops- I wouldn't say all the GOW games are "must-haves" for everyone. But IMO their must-PLAYS for action gamers. Before I played God of War 3 I didn't feel the urge to play any GOW games since my friend let me borrow GOW2 in 2008.

@Xbox- Well I don't think your BIASED at all, I just think its funny that you think gaming on the PS3 is a "crime". Btw, as a PS3 owner myself, Infamous, Heavy Rain, MGS4, and LBP didn't interest me. The PS3 exclusives that I own that I have enjoyed are KZ2, Uncharted 2, Warhawk, and GOW3. Btw, I just finished GOW3 today and I enjoyed it alot, but I don't think 360 only owners will start to melt if they don't play it..most 360 only owners proly dont even know what GOW is.

@Disagrees- YES! Lets all pretend that every gamer in the world is interested in GOW3 LOL.

hoops3187d ago

The entire God of War series is a must buy. Awesome is all I can say about the franchise.

XboxOZ3603187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Again, someone that does not read posts or articles. Did you not read that most of use HAVE a PS3, but those of us that do not , do so because they cost so much HERE in AUSTRALIA still . . $AU500 - $600 is a lot of money . . some are more than that. The unit shipped initially at - wait for it - $AU999.98, yes, THAT MUCH!.

SO some of us do not have a PS3 because we can not afford one, many of the team have not only a 360, PS3, PC and Wii etc, we also have other platforms, like Dreamcast, Atari, Nintendo.

I've never met such a bunch of childish gamers in most of my adult life, and that's been 'some' time now, as I turn 58 in May ... . most of you are younger than my own son, who also loves the Playstation, and the Xbox, but shows a great deal more respect than many on here, that's for sure.

Come on you guys, it's a great game, let's enjoy it, not be idiots about the whole thing, if the site was biased, and not professional, do you think we would treat the games on other platforms like this - we appreciate a good game, no matter what platform it is on, shame many other sites do not do the same.

Steal it For The 360 - Heavy Rain - PS3:

Uncharted 2Review: "It's a visual masterpiece" PS3:

Steal It For The 360 Uncharted 2 - PS3: (nb: same reviewer btw)

Steal it for the 360: Tales OF Monkey Island - PC:

Steal it for the 360: Little Kings Story - Wii:

Steal it For the 360 inFamous PS3:

Killzone 2 Review - PS3: (same reveiwer)

Metal Gear Solid 4 Review:

Now come on, tell me we or the reviewer/s are biased now.

raztad3187d ago


Dodgy textures? You have to be hard pressed to find a bad texture in GoW3. UC2 is an amazing looking game but it has a lot more low res textures than GoW3. Just look at the floor. Not to mention UC2 loves daylight.

GoW3 > UC2. 30-60fps, much much bigger scale, more sophisticated lighting, much better texture work, much more enemies on screen, impeccable AA, Kratos model is incredible. IMO the only con in GoW3 are some characters models that are sub par compared with Kratos, for example Aphrodite, and considering how good the rest of the game looks it seems to me a lazy work instead of an engine limitation.

That said. OXCGN article was a funny one. Good thing when console preferences dont get in the way of enjoying an excellent game.

Tekton0143187d ago

lord have mercy on your soul, shall your sins be cleansed and untrolled.

Bathyj3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Thats a fairly poor attitude dude.

Because GoW, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, inFamous, LBP, MGS4, Killzone 2, GT5......thats what happens when someone who cares about their games, make an exclusive.

Orangebox is what happens when people shovel out titles just for the sake of a larger audience without caring about the end product.

Besides XB could not do this game as it is and we all know it. Mine broke last week just for playing GoW next to it.

silvacrest3187d ago

is the geekiest thing i have read on these forums, honestly

and why is an obvious xbox fanboy (dev or not) reviewing PS3 games? im pretty sure the reverse does not happen, i dont wanna sound like a fanboy but lack of 360 exclusives is the only reason i can think of

god_o_war3186d ago

you can get a 120gb ps3 slim for $470 at jb hi fi or preowned at ebgames for $360 (all AUSD)

beardpapa3186d ago

Don't know about you guys, but XboxOZ is one of those more rational gamers found here on n4g. He may game on the 360 but a fanboy he isn't.

MmaFanQc3186d ago

how can you call someone rational when hes talking about “the awkward shape of the DualShock 3″

the dualshock only have the same shape since 1994......

cant see how it can feel weird when you have more...than 8yrs old....

oh yeah im a dev and never touched a playstation controller before....simply ridiculous.

Godem3186d ago

Man.. i'd love to be playing this bad boy on the 360! But, i do already own it on the PS3... but it would be nice to have yet another reason to replay this game!

Godem3186d ago

I do agree with you guys... but I gotta say, if you have time to notice all the small things like a few almost hidden low res textures, that you truly aren't playing the game way it was meant to be played.

HDgamer3186d ago

Proof of little to zero quality games on the xbox 360

vhero3186d ago

Ah gotta love this article though how he says all you 360 fanboys should pick up a ps3 for this game lol how brilliant is that..

Danteh3186d ago

well I am kinda a PS3 fanboy (look at my comments) but some of you here are just insane (@mrmacabre)

This guy has only written a humorous and entertaining article from the point of view of an avid 360 fanboy... and he PRAISES
GOWIII a lot.

Why some of you here just can't stand ANY kind of critique, for gods sake???
GOWIII is my favourite game this gen, but its TRUE some of the textures are low res (I mean in such a scale its normal), its true some of the save points are glitched and R1 doesn't appear right away (the labyrinth one for xample), and its true some of the cutscenes desynch (in my case was the Hera cutscene at the gardens).

So just enjoy this years GOTY and stop being so defensive ^^

ChickeyCantor3186d ago

I'm absolutely baffled by the 87(and counting) disagrees.
Is it really that wrong for him to think a good game should be shared among all platforms?

You sony turds are horrible.

raztad3186d ago


Hey man you arent making any sense. While you are at it why not ask Nintendo to port Mario Galaxy 2 to the PS3/xbox360?

n4gno3186d ago

"so I think it should go on the Xbox 360. "

i understand that you want it, but it's just impossible to have the same game on xbox360 (like uncharted2, killzone, lbp, heavyrain, etc)

dante inferno, a mediocre clone, is all you can have because of inferior hardware ;)

artsaber3186d ago

Like yeah, maybe if Bungie ported Halo Reach to the PS3 it could actually be in HD.... just sayin'

ChickeyCantor3186d ago

Not making sense?

No one is asking Nintendo or bungie to port their games, IT WOULD BE NICE THOUGH.
Why is it a sin for others to enjoy what you enjoy?

You kids need to grow up.

raztad3186d ago


You are the one that needs to grow up and stick to reality. It would be nice if poverty doesnt exist but ... well you know.

"I think it [GoW3] should go on the Xbox 360."

As I see it many of those disagrees correspond to the fact GoW3 is a first party game that is not going anywhere beyond PS.

Again it would be nice to play the HD version of Super Mario Galaxy on the PS3, however I know it isnt happening.

ChickeyCantor3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )


Who ever said it will happen?

Someone wishing a game to come to their console( which is a compliment to the developers) got nothing to do with what will actually happen.

He wants GoW3 for his 360, even he knows it wont happen.
But just because he would like to he gets 90+ disagrees?

No sir, the one who disagree need to grow the F up.

Like so many PS3 owners who wished Zelda to be made for the Ps3, They know it won't happen, but let a man dream?

No sh/t Gow3 is a first party title, obviously even he knew that.
But he, as a 360 only owner, why is it so bad to want a game that is good?

People disagree for the wrong reason.

WMH5433186d ago

you need to get because god of war 3 will never get to the Xbox 360

Bathyj3185d ago

Having different games on different consoles is what gives them different personalities. I would hate if ever machine had only the same games.

Especially since its a 1st party game. Sony havent sat around hoping someone would make a game this good, they willed it into reality. Through money, effort, passion and dare I say it, love, they started with a concept and turned it into a commodity everyone who games should want. Now they should be rewarded for it, and everyone sitting around wishing they could play it needs to ante up and do what they have to to get it.

ChickeyCantor3185d ago

Yes i know that, i think you guys are missing my point.

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XboxOZ3603187d ago

Must have this game . . . damn, no PS3 . . bugger . . . "thinks???" . . hmmm - if I grab the game, the PS3 will come . . .

Great read, for an excellent game. Yes, I'm an Xbox site supporter, but a good game is - well - a good game, irrespective of the platform it presents itself on.

MrMacabre3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

That's what the article should have said.

edit:@gaminoz Do you think that this writer has a fair opinion? Obviously he is biased and therefore shouldn't be reviewing a game on a platform he openly despises. I'm very happy that they have taken the time to look at the amazing PS3 titles being released, which is why I approved this article. However he shouldn't have the right to draw attention to minor faults he might have experienced, there's no way he can really look at the game ojectively.

XboxOZ3603187d ago

Man, you doin't like 360 guys - do you?

The writer is in the industry, he works with PS3, 360 and PC on a daily basis, I THINK he knows what is and isn't right to be mentioned, and he has every right to discuss his experiences in any way, shape or style he chooses. When he reviews a game, he also looks at all the platforms it comes out on,and passes cpomment on each one in any of his reviews, far more than any other single platform site writer does or would do.

And, we've given those PS3 games we have reviewed, score as high as 9.8/10, and we've only awarded a 10/10 ONCE in 3.5 yrs.

Other than that, the PS3 games we have reviewed (we call them Steal It FOr The 360 due to certain ranking sites NOT liking us calling them reviews) have all received excellent scores, and great write ups.

We even have many Sony fans following the site for that reason. As they will NOT get the rubbish that goes on here by 'Sony Fanboys" or Xbox Fanboys" We will not and do not tolerate it on the site . . you get banned post haste if you try (not you personally, but ppl in general)

For gods sake, give it a rest, it wears a little thin after awhile, and shows immaturity on behalf of the person complaining . . .

Are we not all gamers? then lets just enjoy the games, shall we - please?

MrMacabre3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Urg stop implying that this guy isn't a fanboy. You can pretend to take the high road all you like but I have no problem with the Xbox in general, I own one and know it has great games. If the guy is a developer for all platforms then why is he writing as if he only loves the Xbox? All I wanted to point out is that the person who wrote this is biased, which he is (or he is pretending to be) I play the best games I can with my time and money same as you but I don't pretend one platform is the only one 'gamers' should be playing, dismissing the other as a guilty pleasure.

Also if you have some stake in the article then your opinion on it is biased.

REALgamer3187d ago

Check this out:

A Killzone 2 review from last year from the same writer.

I personally think the writing style of this review was entertaining, and thought it was pretty obvious it's done in a satirical way. It's making fun of fanboys and what they expect from a 360-centric site.

Redlogic3187d ago

dude, don't waste your time arguing with these moron fanboys. I enjoyed the article and the style it was written in. I own both consoles but admittedly prefer the ps3 and I can see this article is just in good fun. Keep up the good work!

Bathyj3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

XboxOZ360, you seem a very fair guy and above most of the fanboy bullsh*t, and at your age I should hope so, not to mention you come from the best country in the world. But if the writer wanted PS3 fans to take this article seriously we could have done without all the "embarrassed to play a PS3" crap.

I know its supposed to be tongue in cheek but it just comes of as if theres an element of truth in it and he's biting his tongue a bit for having to admit what a good game it is. He could just drop the stuff and give an honest opinion and I think it would be better recieved.

But hey, its his article, he can write what he wants, but if he wants it to be percieved a certain way, it must be presented a certain way, that just life.

Godem3186d ago

isn't it really annoying when people comment based on the introduction and did not read the article at all?

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gaminoz3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

lol, so much hate from fanboys over a 360 site reviewing a PS3 title. What's with all the intense reporting? Chill..

We who have PS3s should be happy that they want a PS3 game for 360! I'd have no problem with a PS3 site reviewing Mass Effect 2 if it was done honestly.

n4gno3186d ago

mass effect is also a pc game, ps3 sites don't have to talk about it (that's the big difference)

LordMarius3187d ago

lol they have no games to play on the crapbox so they have to play ours

gaminoz3187d ago

A good game is a good game! I'd like to see Sony sites give credit to games like Mass Effect 2 as well.

JoeReno3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

The "Journalist" wrote this story as if the game was a gonzo porn that he checked out of a shady video store all because of it not being on his precious 360. Lame, grow up fanboi. Review the game. Its great, I tell everyone about it as well but keep to the facts and stop acting like a child.

Flame on!

@above that is the point, I rarely see PS3 sites reviewing 360 games, and if they did I'm sure they could do so with more integrity.

gaminoz3187d ago

@ JoeReno

lol that's a good description, but I think he was doing that on purpose and with irony, knowing what people would think (both 360 and PS3 fans).

As for integrity I thought he said good things?

JoeReno3187d ago

I suppose he needed to word his review in the way that he did as to no alert the 360 warriors on a head hunt for him, but really as you said a "good game is a good game" so leave it at. No need to express feeling dirty about picking up a PS3 game or a DS3. Just silly, childish and unprofessional in my opinion. That's what I meant by integrity... Journalistic integrity.

XboxOZ3603187d ago

FUnny thing is, it's written as satire and fun, yet wanted to get across the atmoshpere and scariness of it, seems everypone is forgetting that aspect.

Seems strang, Edge, IGN, Gamespot even GameInformer can write stuff with a satirical base and it is seen as perfectly fine, and indie game site does it, and it's unprofessional - sheaaes.

I know the editors at GameSpot-Au, IGN-Au, GameInformer-Au (and many others), and we all write in similar ways when we can to 'lighten' something up rather than make it all that serious.

One thing many are forgetting, the site actually has reviewed several PS3 games (and other platforms) and given them great coverage, and those that were given scores have scores like 9.8/10, 8/10 etc, I suppose if the writer added a score to the base that said 9/10 he'd cop flack as well for not making in 10/10.

Do a search on the site for Steal It For The 360 and see if you find a BAD report on any of the games . . .

From all the platforms, the most vocal, and most offensive fanboys seem to be those from the Sony camp. And they wonder why the rest of the gaming world considers them, over-reactive' and 'juvenile'

Come on, the game is great, he loved it, we'd all love it . . .did he say anything really that bad about it - no.

Oh, yes, the less than stellar images in 'some' small sections with regards to the huge open world. Well, there's a pic in there that shows that, but DID he actually point that out and make an issue of it - no, he didn't.

I know the image well, as it was HUGE when I got it, and you could see the edges easily, but when reduced, it was less obvious. All games have a similar problem, it's the nature of games, be it on POS3 or 360. PC's have it a lot better due to their ability to tweak each PC to the owners needs and style. Consoles cannot do that.

COme on guys, it's a great game, let's enjoy it, not be idiots aboutthe whole thing.

Steal it For The 360 - Heavy Rain - PS3:

Uncharted 2Review: "It's a visual masterpiece" PS3:

Steal It For The 360 Uncharted 2 - PS3: (nb: same reviewer btw)

Steal it for the 360: Tales OF Monkey Island - PC:

Steal it for the 360: Little Kings Story - Wii:

Steal it For the 360 inFamous PS3:

Killzone 2 Review - PS3: (same reveiwer)

Metal Gear Solid 4 Review:

Now come on, tell me we or the reviewer/s are biased now.

Godem3186d ago

I must admit, as a primarily 360 gamer, there is a lack of titles on the 360 at the moment.... BUT you must admit the 360 did rule January just a bit.

dredgewalker3186d ago

I actually read the article and it was quite funny. From what i read he actually played the game, and i also agree that some parts were a little rough but it doesn't affect how you enjoy the game. I can easily say its one of the best games i have in my library right now.

RedDragan3186d ago

The reviewer is very clever.

By writing the article they way he did, making out it was taboo, instantly killed off the fanboysim that could have ensued afterwards.

Any fanboy would read that laughing, along with gamers, all realising that it is pretty sad to be involved in a so called Console War.

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green3187d ago

but student life does not favour multi-console ownershilp lol. Anyway, graduation in a few weeks, hopefuly new job and then multi-console ownership hear i come.

XboxOZ3603187d ago

Same here mate, I'd have it in a flash if I had a PS3 . . . perhaps soon, my B/day is coming up, perhaps some nice person might gift me one, fingers crossed.

The Wood3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

my mates bought me an elite aka black xbox 360...I thought that was disrespectful, They even went as far as to ask that i put it upstairs next to my main ps3...cheeky buggers. I got both them fcukers slims AND drakes.....i wont let them disrespect me again:(

@XboxOZ360 + team, good stuff as always. keep it up

@ green, hurry the ef up.... sell those hddvds + addon ur sitting on. That student loan was meant to help you get 'things' .... the ps3 is that 'things'

green3187d ago

No student loans here. Sacrificed a lot during the past 3 yeas. So when i graduate in a few weeks, i won't be owing a penny to a single soul.

Meryl3186d ago

oh cool glad you are joining the party, hopefully you end up loving GOW III like the rest of us currently are, next up is modnation racers, 3d dot heroes, agent, ans gt5

va_bank3186d ago

Yeah, about the "job" thing. I got some bad news, I think you better sit down for this...

GiantEnemyCrab3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

"my mates bought me an elite aka black xbox 360...I thought that was disrespectful, They even went as far as to ask that i put it upstairs next to my main ps3...cheeky buggers. I got both them fcukers slims AND drakes.....i wont let them disrespect me again:( "

What kind of attitude is that Wood?

To think you thought it was disrespectful to receive a game console?? That speaks volumes my friend. I think you are just being funny.

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