Gaming Today Hands-On: Dark Sector

D3 Publisher of America recently gave Gaming Today some hands on time with their upcoming title Dark Sector. As the trailers showed (before they were axed by the ESRB), Dark Sector is a third-person shooter/slasher offering stunning visuals, an engaging story, and some truly unique combat features. While the title is sure to be a hit next spring, they found that not all is bright in Dark Sector.

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akaFullMetal3944d ago

could be fun if they fix the camera, but really how many people are exctied for this title, since there seem to be tons more coming out with much more hype, i wonder if this will get lost in the crowd of games coming out during the year and following?

ReconHope3944d ago

2 get it, its just not on the top of list.

BB3944d ago

With the recent controversy from the ESRB pulling trailers of this game from some websites that were hosting it due to it's graphic nature, I think it'll generate some buzz and sell well... if they can tame the camera that is

BB3944d ago

He's one of the main characters from the Chobits anime. Hell of a guy

ALI G3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

i heard he is a good guy