Miyamoto: Natal & Move a 'great honour'

Shigeru Miyamoto has told CVG that he sees the invention of Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's PS3 Move as a "great honour" - because they offer user experiences that Nintendo "originated".

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GrandDragon3184d ago

Umm no Mr Miyamto you didn't invent the technology in the PS-Move or Natal because both of them are on a whole different level and use completely different technology.

Being proud of an invention a college student made in 1995 isn't something to boast about.

Sony started research on motion controllers and 3D camera UI's in 2000 and Natal's camera technology including the PS-Eye have generally been in research by engineers all over the world.

Nintendo used existing technology at the time (existed even before 2006) in the WiiMote, the only research Nintendo did was spying on Sony hence the cheap knock-off of the PS-Move which is the WiiMote with an inferred camera lol.

N4g_null3184d ago

Lol you have problems with reading and understanding what is being said. He is talking about the game play and how you play the games. Sony's eye toy games where nothing like the move games. From having a gryo game pad to having the eye toy Sony had enough to make the eye toy 2. Yet they took the wii mote config and thus made it standard because well it works.

Mr m is a designer and Sony is copying his design, yeah he should be proud. On top of this he beat them to market and has more new control styles on the way along with having a full catalog of motion controlled games that have sold millions. What is also funny is his games are so good that even shovelware is not selling any more.

Sony could have easily one upped nintendo but they didn't. Yeah it has 1:1 but so does the wii. Yes it's hd but seriously that hasn't been a factor because of cost.

Sure I love highend graphics too but us devs need new fans the hd hardcore along can not afford us.

vhero3184d ago

Natal copied eyetoy not the wiimote god he's such a tool. But with his way of thinking the honour is Sonys as Nintendo copied the eyetoy then. If a cam system can copy a wiimote than a wiimote can copy a cam system.

ryuzu3184d ago

Indeed - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

If you hadn't noticed, technology is largely evolutionary in nature so it's no surprise a company uses the prior work of others as a basis to improve on - this has been the very basis on which Sony and MS have operated in the video game sector (in fact MS have operated this way in all sectors - they rarely truly innovate and instead refine).

However, I'm not sure about the Natal link - that owes more to Eyetoy than Wii-motes.

Anywho, we get this stage of controllers done and it'll be interesting to see what comes next.

I imagine the next iteration will be a mix of PS Move and Natal tech working in unison. Sony already have the closest to this given the Move and Eye interaction.

I don't see why Sony can't produce little PS Move orbs that could be attached to the legs or feet so you can track lower body movement too.


tunaks13184d ago

anyone who denies the link natal and move have to the wii's success needs to visit the optometrist and lose their fanyboy lenses.

vhero3184d ago

You need to mate as Natal is far more of a copy than eyetoy than wiimote which was out years before the wii. So get your history and technology right.

glennc3184d ago

i think he means they probably wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the wii. fanboy much?

vhero3184d ago

Fair enough he is probably right but the tech was always there its just being used differently thats all. Think of it as more accessible.

SWORDF1SH3184d ago

the success of motion control originates from the wii but motion control itself as been around a lot longer.

ChickeyCantor3183d ago


To fair, the guy who came up with the Eyetoy wasn't working at Sony before Sony actually put a patent on it.

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ZoidsRaven3184d ago

Proving how their fanboys are such sheep. They go on for YEARS about how Wii gamers are not gamers for liking motion controls, about how motion controls are "gimmicks". And look at them now. Such hypocrites and sheep.

I have been called a fa**ot countless times on youtube simply for owning a Wii, and now these same fanboys (mostly Sony fanboys) think that motion controls are the new cool. Nevermind the years of harassment they have given Wii owners, they just love motion controls now. I guess we were right the whole time, huh fanboys? 7_7

sikbeta3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Maybe you have problems with Sony and the Sony Fanboys, as far as I understand, xbox fanboys hated the wii and motion-control cuz they were the most hardcore gamers in those days of Gears of War and such, also, I remember when some dudes started with that crap called "wii60" saying bla-bla-PS3-da-doomedz and after looking how the wii surpass in salez the x360 which is the console that was a Whole year Alone in the market, they began with the hate against Both, mainly the PS3 and then the wii

PS3 fanobys hated the wii cuz IT IS like a Gamecube 1.5 + motion-control and while the PS3 is All-Day pushing the boundaries, you have games on the wii like:

·Party Babyz -> [ ]
·Anubis II
·Rapala Tournament Fishing!
·chicken shoot
·Far Cry Vengeance (OMG, the Far Cry from Crytek, no way!)
·Cooking Mama

And everyone thinks, WTF!? this console with those games sold like crazy, unbelievable

Not going to deny that IMO motion-controls were lame in my book, but when I watched the "Minority-Report" video, that was awesome, so, probably I was Wrong About Motion-controls from the beginning...

glennc3184d ago

i still don't like motion controls much. that's why it gathers dust.

ZoidsRaven3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

It's that kind of thinking why I have been called a fa**ot on youtube for the longest time.

No, actually. I have problems with PS3 fanboys because of the way they act on N4G and youtube, and with the way they act can you blame me?
On this page, you will find PS3 fanboys b!tching because of GOW 3's fair review score. Hell, some b!tched about it getting a 9.3 (on another site). But don't think for a second that I only have something against Sony fanboys, because I don't. There was a sh!t load of 360 fanboys that took over one of my favorite sites (SmashBoards).

Wrong, Sony fanboys hated the Wii because they were told for a long time that their favorite console had no games by 360 fanboys. In response, they had to hate on someone, and there Wii were.
I must have shown you a list of good Wii games that sold well like 10 times now, I'd list it again. But what's the point, if you'll only ignore it? And before you right me off as a Wii fanboy, know this. I got a PS3 despite having deen here (N4G) first.

Seekerofthewind3184d ago

All the jack***es I've met that treated me horribly (online and offline) because I owned a Wii, talked down to me constantly that I wasn't a true gamer for liking Motion Controls, even though I've been playing since the NES days...and, what's worse, most of them have shown blatant hypocrisy since the introduction of Natal and Move. It's annoying, and reached the point where I just tune out a lot of people in the HD gaming communities entirely, with very few exceptions (My older brother, for instance).

At least back in the day I'd be willing to play on a Genesis, and the Sega fan on my SNES. >.> I swear, this generation of gamers is the worst I've ever been a part of.

pcz3183d ago

This is the typical response from a sony/microsoft fanboy who couldn't care less about motion control... Until MOVE/Natal were announced.


N4g_null3183d ago

Im just wondering who bought the games you guys keep listing? The guys that made cooking moma are about to get delisted from the stock market because they cant make a better games lol.

yet you all bought MW2 lol that is freaken hilarious to me. Hardcore my azz. Its no wonder know of you want motion controls since you would need more skill. go back to playing you qte in heavy rain see how many times you can brush your teeth before time runs out.

sikbeta3183d ago


"I have problems with PS3 fanboys because of the way they act on N4G and youtube, and with the way they act can you blame me?"

So, you have problems with Sony fanboys?

I was a Sony and Nintendo supporter, I'm not a nøøb who started playing games last gen, for me, there wasn't a Console War when I thought about Sony and Nintendo, this gen I'm not supporting Nintendo but that doesn't mean I HATE Nintendo, also you give too much credit to the guys on N4G and Youtube...

"Wrong, Sony fanboys hated the Wii because they were told for a long time that their favorite console had no games by 360 fanboys. In response, they had to hate on someone, and there Wii were"

[?] you're telling me that PS3 fanboys couldn't COUNTER x360 fanboys and started to hate the wii, man WTF are you talking about?, look at the Articles here, 95% are Flamebait-Articles about Sony or M$ and the most active members of this site are Sony owners and x360 owners flaming to each others, there is no one talking about N in those articles

"I must have shown you a list of good Wii games that sold well like 10 times now, I'd list it again"

What's the point of doing that, playing sales like x360 owners is not the best way to argue about something...


"This is the typical response from a sony/microsoft fanboy who couldn't care less about motion control... Until MOVE/Natal were announced"

Yep, you're totally Right pal, that Minority Report Video is Awesome, WOW, I can't even think of what can you do with that, not only for gaming, for other stuff too, Imagine when you're gaming and want to use the PS3-Browser, split screen, that way and you can use both, man that's amazing...


You bought MW2? ah... way to spent money on a crappy game, is not hardcore, is lame, I didn't buy it, but my PC-Elitist friends show me how disgusting is the PC port, so no way I'm buying that crap

I love Heavy Rain, that qte-movie is just awesome, sure you think is a lame-crappy-qte-wannabe-game and not something "hardcore" like mario galaxy, but I'm not a Hardcore Gamer, I just enjoy gaming, Hope some day you can try it out, it has a lot of replay-qte-value and different qte-movie-endings, so you can spend a lot of time "playing" it...

ZoidsRaven3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

I said I have something against Sony and MS fanboys who act like retarded idiots when they see someone with a Wii. Unless you're one of these people i'm talking about, you can quit your self-righteous Sony fanboy replys.
BTW, no one asked (or cares) what your status is. That's completely off-topic. And the youtube and N4G Sony fanboys were basically the only ones I've mentioned, so yes, I could use those. And I'm sure you don't want me to go to on other sites to find Sony fanboyism just as bad as the ones on this site. But I find it strange (not really) that you are only sticking up for Sony fanboys when I mentioned both Sony fanboys and MS fanboys...... You make it that easy, man.

Yes, that's what I'm saying. The PS3 started out with fewer games in it's early life. So yes, that 360 fanboy statement was basically valid.
And I say that because Sony fanboys parrot what 360 fanboys say to them, and use it against Wii owners (on this sites articles anyway). Like when 360 fanboys said to PS3 fanboys "PS3 has no games", the PS3 fanboys say the same in the Wii section. When 360 fanboys said to PS3 fanboys "PS3 fanbase don't buy games", guess what PS3 fanboys said in the Wii section? And it goes on and on, really. So no it's not a far-fetched idea to think that Ps3 fanboys are taking their anger out on Wii owners for damage control.

Yes, no one is talking about Nintendo in those articles. But I didn't say that they were. They are just parroting what 360 fanboys say to them. You notice how they don't really win these fanboys arguements because they resort to name calling before anyone else does (mainly because they are so sensitive).

Yeah, of corse. I expected this in your post.
Bringing up sales in good Wii games combats your excuse for Sony fanboys acting like a$$es on this site. But of corse you wouldn't notice that because you were busy using sales yourself to justify pathetic Sony fanboyism on this site. Nevermind that I bought up the fact that 360 fanboys F'd up one of my favorite sites and turn it into a Halo shrine, you just had to reply to my point about Sony fanboys (not to mention you thought I had something against Sony).

Which is what Sony fanboys tend to do. Think that any attack on them, PS3 exclusives or anything Sony made is an attack on Sony themselves.
Don't misinterpret my post again before you click that reply button. 7_7

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pcz3184d ago

How can you call yourself a gamer and disagree with anything Miyamoto has to say, he's a legend! Its like being a christian and disagreeing with God.

LazyHippie3183d ago

yes but even christians branch of into denominations when they believe the leader is wrong.

Yes miyamoto is a legend but many will imitate and some will surpass. Sony did imitate the wii's remote but also made it better. the competition brought from Natal and Move will just cause Nintendo to have to come up with a more brilliant and innovative idea

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