The Complete History of NHL Video Games

Gunaxin writes: "Everyone has their favorite genre of video game. To some, it's First Person Shooters where you're give the ability to eviscerate a slew of enemies head on with an arsenal of unbelievable yet highly entertaining weapons. Or, maybe you're an Adventure guy who prefers controlling a mega-breasted heroine through caverns and tombs blasting away at grave robbers. Or, and this is what's important to this particular story, maybe you're a Sports gamer. Specifically: Hockey."

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Ziriux3190d ago

I'd like to think of NHL games being the strongest in quality in the sports video games. Their quite awesome.

mau643190d ago

not the biggest fan of nhl games but i've seen some pretty devoted people to the series pull off some crazy crap in the earlier games.

Ziriux3190d ago

I wasn't either, but playing NHL 10, you'll see how amazing it is, graphics are great, and the gamplay is unexpectedly good.

darthv723190d ago

Blades of Steel. That game was just fun as hell to play. I liked getting into a fight and the guys throw down their sticks and gloves and you had to press the action buttons to make them fight.

good times konami....good times.

ryano232773190d ago

That was my 1st look at Ice Hockey, playing around my cousins house. I was instantly a hockey fan (Live in Australia)

NHL '94 was my XMAS pres for 93 & oh what a game that was.
Which lead me into getting NHL '95 for XMAS the year later on PC. But my PC wasn't powerful enough.

Played Brett Hull Hockey, which as the said, was great for its time.

Then had a hiatus, back into the NHL swing a little in 09 & 10. Fantastic sports games.

Joe29113190d ago

I am EAs ultimate critic..

My first NHL game was 2002, and o boy has it changed since then. As a hockey fan, a gamer, a hockey player - I admire EAs work in bring a true simulation of what hockey feels like. It has stunning graphics for a sports title, exquisite game mechanics, top notch physics. And their attempts to innovate further have been welcomed with open arms, most of us hockey gamers just wana play season mode but be a gm was a cool new twist. Be a pro tho, is the best mode of any game i've ever played in my life! It really puts you in the skates of a hockey player.

My one gripe about NHL 10 in particular is that EA promised they fixed all the 'exploit goals' for online play. I play for an EASHL team and it is very frustrating losing against teams who use said goals to win =/ Its a shame because it really puts this game down for me. Having said that, its probably the game i log the most hours into, infront of MAG, MW2, BFBC2, UC2. So gratz EA, you got my support. O yeh and im from Europe @[email protected]

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reddybrek3190d ago

That's cool.I'm tempted to actual play an NHL game, lol.

Yi-Long3190d ago

Was quite addicted to the first NHL games on the Megadrive/Genesis, a long long time ago.

Sadly, here in Holland, it isn't a popular sport, and the game barely sells, apart for a few die-hards.

I bought NHL09 for 20 bucks last december orso. Really enjoy it. But wouldn't pay fullprice for a NHL game, cause I don't follow the sport so don't really care about the updated rosters, plus there wouldn't be that many people online anyway.

I don't understand why EA doesn't just release games like these (NHL, NBA, NFL) for 30 bucks orso, right from the get-go, pulling more buyers in, and thus creating a better online community and better word of mouth for these games. In Europe ofcourse. In America the sports are way more popular, so they can sell those games fullprice no problem.

However, 'soccer' isn't popular in the USA, so if EA would release FIFA for 30 bucks there, it would also probably increase in sales and popularity quite a bit.

Ziriux3190d ago

Come on it's EA, they just have to milk a franchise for as much money as possible, what you should do is buy it every two years not one.

cb8103190d ago

I spent more time playing hockey video games than any other sports

DJexs3190d ago

Earliest I have is NHL 97

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