PS2 still has life for certain markets, PS3 doesn't mind

This is bittersweet news, actually.

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Omegasyde3912d ago

Since most Wii games port over to the PS2, there will still be market.

PS2 price drop, starting at @$99.99.....

akaFullMetal3912d ago

it will be around for awhile i mean sony is making money this way, and also ps2 buyers will eventually go to ps3 when price goes down, especially since it seems that a hundred dollar price drop is coming during e3, so down the road we will see them buying a ps3

ALIEN3912d ago

I think it's bad n good for SONY, because SONY is making money, while loosing with the ps3, So i think the ps2 was n is a great thing for SONY, n they can make money, while trying to get the ps3 on track, So they don't loose alot of money.

Kokoro3912d ago

well they`re gonna have to move on from the ps2 some day. Cause you know Ubisoft and the others are not gonna put out games on the console at some point. I think they should push the adopters a little and say want more of this well get this.

ALIEN3912d ago

I agree with you. SONY will have to move on, but remember not everybody own a ps3. With the ps2 SONY can make money, while ps3 sales increase and that is a great thing for SONY. BUT, they will have to move on, yeah! that's totaly right.

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The story is too old to be commented.