Is Microsoft's Future in Motion?

GameZone's Stefanie Fogel takes a look at Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal, and the studios that are jumping on board to implement its motion sensing technology in their future games.

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Caspel3034d ago

The more jobs in the industry, the better. It needs to continually grow and allow for better games to be produced.

athmaus3034d ago

i agree with that, good statement

athmaus3034d ago

interesting read indeed :)

craazy3034d ago

We have to stop the wii-themed controls, so far they have proven to be fun for old people....I am 32 and I think they need tucked away in a nursing home!

3034d ago
atc19823034d ago

I think they are just going with the flow, but I still say microsoft will stay closer to the controller then anyone else will.

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The story is too old to be commented.