Halo 3 - Weaponry and Vehicles Demonstrated

This is the newest video from Gamer Tv featuring the weapons of Halo 3. Developers from Bungie are also interviewed in the video and asked what drove them to such extent ? and why Halo 3's launch cant go wrong?.


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MoonDust4034d ago

Can't wait for E3. See some SP!

Also Known As4034d ago

Graphics look significantly better than halo 2. Definately next gen. I'm psyched, I can wait for the release.

i Shank u4034d ago

miss it too; the new SP screenshot looks sic

soldier sean4034d ago

i thought that they were going to show new weapons , post beta , since that pic looks like master chief is holding some type of personal shield.

PS3n3604034d ago

i didnt play the beta and i heard rumbling of not greatest graphics but i am impressed with wht i saw in the video. there are so many subtle things like the fluid movement of the character especially on the atv. the environments look great. obviously a must buy for the shooter in me.

MoonDust4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

The beta had a great feel to is, everything was smooth as butter. I had a little trouble with the sniper but i just had to get used to it. Final version will probably have that head roll action from H1(When you snipe someone in the head their head would twist). Overall great feel to the beta.

Says you4034d ago

When Master Chief already has a shield? like wow! I think bungie messed up on there part I mean come on is Master Cheifs shield not that stronge or what like the shield hes holding now.

Daxx4034d ago

Because it's cool. Duh. And I'm assuming that you mean by the bubble shield and not by that obviously photoshoped pic of Master Chief with a Jackel shield.

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