'If Fans Want To See More Kratos, Who Knows?' - Sony Santa Monica

Lead in-game animator for God of War III Bruno Velazquez has hinted that Kratos may return again, if fans want him.

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SpaceSquirrel3134d ago

I'm pretty sure he'll be back. The ending left a small opening.

mjolliffe3134d ago

One more PS3 entry, and I would love to see him on PSP again. Legendary character!

lociefer3134d ago

i know ill get alot of disagrees but i think they need to work on that ending epilogue and make a proper closure for gow3 and leave kratos be, but id love to see more kratos on psp as prequels

Kain813134d ago

man this is really like a classic BLOCKBUSTER
i hope we see Kratos again, most epic Character in Videogame HISTORY, yes we have memoable characters like Mario, Link, Solid Snake, Cloud Strife and now KRATOS...

Raf1k13134d ago

I think he means after the credits where you can see the Blade of Olympus but not Kratos' body.

WildArmed3134d ago

I agree.. i think the ending was too abrupt. it seemed something needed to happen.. so i waited and waited ..
they really need to release the epilogue DLC (which they said will be free).

The game was going on a 10/10 enjoyment per second till the end..
then it dropped to 9.9/10 enjoyment per second for a sec... when the ending came along

creatchee3134d ago

The ending in a weird way parallels Halo 3's, which is kinda fitting, since Master Chief and Kratos are sort of the mascots for their respective systems. Plus they're both Spartans! :)

TheTwelve3134d ago

I PROMISE you there will be another game involving Kratos. Promise.


silvacrest3134d ago

the way the game ended means im sure we will see kratos again

jwatt3134d ago

What do you mean if fans want him, hell yea we want him!

bboss3134d ago

I swear to you , Santa Monica and Bungie will come together and shock the entire gaming industry when they reveal Master Chief and Kratos are the same person.

I mean c'mon the news we're getting supports this. GOW set in the future... Bungie opening options after Reach. Nah too stupid.

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Boody-Bandit3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I don't know about the rest of the fans but I can't get enough Chaos! Bring it on!

sikbeta3134d ago

Of Course the God of War want to see and Play More Amazing God of War Games, that's obvious, GOW3 is EPIC and I want More...

NewZealander3134d ago

yeah what was the opening that the ending left? i didnt really get the bit after the credits.

god of war 3 was the first in the series that ive played, and i loved the whole experience, so if they want to make more then thats cool with me.

ShadowRyuX3134d ago

I would like to see a God of War: Norse and/or God of War: Asia that are centered on their respective mythology.

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Valay3134d ago

I'd like to see more Kratos.

Slimshadyn3134d ago

I'll see him in may when I get my mod nation

WildArmed3134d ago


Aye! You'll even see dead people!

movements3134d ago

Kratos is boss. He'll be back!

SpaceSquirrel3134d ago

I'm pretty sure he's coming back for another PSP game at least.

maniactadpole3134d ago

of course we want Kratos ! what kind of question is that ?

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The story is too old to be commented.