Kotaku Census 2010: The Results

Kotaku writes:

"Last week, we ran a series of polls, asking you for your thoughts on everything from console ownership to piracy to your favourite gaming franchises. We now have the results.

You'll see the key findings represented here. It's far from everything, I know, but this is the best stuff, presented in a way that won't force you to crawl through an endless sea of pie charts and statistical findings.

For those who love a spot of crawling through an endless sea of pie charts and statistical findings, though, don't worry: we'll still be publishing the full results later this week.

We had between 20-30,000 people taking part in each question, making this one hell of a sample group. It's not indicative of the entire gaming community, of course, as nothing ever could be; what it is is a sample of the kind of people who read Kotaku. People like you!"

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Silellak3188d ago

Proud to be part of the 25% who own all 3 consoles!

360 failure rate at 66% is pretty crazy, not to mention the number of people who have pirated PC or console games.

Obviously the results are going to be slightly skewed due to the fact that most people who read gaming news online probably lean more towards the "hardcore" crowd, but interesting regardless.