Three New HD Turok Videos

Watch three new videos including executions gameplay, ranged massacre gameplay, and a settings and stealth Elements Interview. These Turok videos also availble in HD following the link.

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MK_Red3910d ago

Wow, good post. The videos and game look hot!
But I feel as if they've toned down the violence a bit and overall the game feels much less gory and over-the-top than Turok 2. Still cant wait for this one.

ALI G3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

is sooooooooooo sick.i cannot wait to play it .i hope it do not get banned because of the violence or get rated AO.As long as Jack Thompson stay away we will be ok.

FreeMonk3910d ago

Looks good, and I bet this game get's passed without any banning or bad press, even though you can sneak behind people and slit there throat with a knife, plus throw in some Dino's.

Yeah Manhunt 2 gets all of the above. It's a different genre of game, but surely if they ban a game that features lots of offensive elements, that a game that features one of those banned elements should undergo the same treatment or vice versa!

Double standard on the game ratings board!! I still think they are wrong banning Manhunt 2!!

ReconHope3910d ago

looks very impressive. its nice how the dinosaurs are neutral and u arnt constantly fighting them.

dachiefsman3910d ago

I think I might have to start an online petition for the "Bring back the Cerebral Bore".....My favorite execution was the knife through top of the head of the Dino....awesome!

Kleptic3910d ago

dude...bubble for remembering the good weapons of the genre...The first two games had some of the best weapons in the business...

If they bring back the Chronosepter, Fusion Cannon, and the Cerebral Bore...They will have my utmost attention...

I can still hear the sound the bore made cuttin' into heads...what a great weapon...

Rhezin3910d ago

dude turok and turok 2 seeds of evil were both over-the-top gory, you'd know if you played them. They had a glaive in turok 2 that sliced off enemies heads and limbs. This game will probably be less violent then the n64 versions.

Kleptic3910d ago

the first turok wasn't as violent by any means as the fact the first one did little more violence wise than just splats of blood on the ground, like Mortal Kombat but it didn't disappear as fast...and bodies would alwasy stay full intact...they would just kind of fly around when hit with a big weapon...

now Turok 2 is still on a level all its own...the heads popping from the explosive arrows...the giant pools of blood that would spread from downed enemies...the "bore" as mentioned was definitely a less realistic and way over the top approach to video game violence when compared to the first game...and made every bloody game at the time seem harmless...

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The story is too old to be commented.