Top 5 Franchises Suited for PlayStation Move

PSLS writes:

PlayStation Move is certainly on the minds of countless developers and PlayStation fans. The new technology from Sony appears to outshine the Nintendo Wii motion controls, and offers many of the features of Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal. Since PlayStation Move's recent introduction during the GDC event, we've already reported on a large portfolio of games which will support the technology at launch. There are many more developers reportedly interested in it with reports of possible patches for software already available. We explore the deep reservoir of PlayStation titles to determine the top 5 franchises suited for Sony's PlayStation Move.

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Scolar Visari3159d ago

Fight Night is a good choice. I'd like to see how well it would work.

nnotdead3159d ago

i agree that its a good choice, but i would hope it didnt work like Motion Fighter. MF workd like a Wii game with gestures only. i would like more of a 1:1 boxing game. at the very least be very interested in it.

sinncross3159d ago

Dude, Motion Fighter was only 20% complete and still in pre-alpha stage... of course the demo shown wasn't that good.

danfry3159d ago

They shouldn't have even shown Motion Fighter this early on in development, it looked shockingly bad.

R2D23159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

I like to move it move it, I like move it move it, I Like to....MOVE IT.

On topic add MOVE to the next gen Sly Cooper and you have a customer Sony.

sikbeta3159d ago

If you guys above watch the Motion-fighters Demo again, look on top of the screen you'll see *[PRE-ALPHA CODE - 20% COMPLETE]*

This motion-device will be Good For Every Kind of Game, I want to "test" [Move] with SOCCOM4, Motion-Fighters and that Game with the Shield+Sword...

bruddahmanmatt3159d ago

Whoever conjured up this list is an idiot. Demon's Souls, Oblivion and God of War should be at the top of this list.

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doctorstrange3159d ago

Gotta agree on these, Time Crisis would just be awesome

Godmars2903159d ago

Or at least a SG/TC double pack, since I'm already asking for a game I'm probably the only one who remembers.

And, why is Warhawk even being considered? Racket and Clank for that matter.

Bnet3433159d ago

Okami ... hello? lol. Seriously though.

T3mpr1x3159d ago

I forgot about that, would love to see a sequel using Move.

ElementX3159d ago

The only sequel is on DS. Okami didn't sell very well and I seriously doubt there will be a sequel on the PS3. It would be awesome, though.

decimalator3159d ago

Where is Leisure Suit Larry? I'm sure there's some sort of motion based gaming opportunities there...

Kratos Spartan3159d ago

not in america there isn't...


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