BFBC 2: Old School Greater Than New School?

RespawnAction: "I have no idea what it is, or how it even makes any sense, but those classic WWII guns in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 kick some major tail. If you are having trouble getting kills or getting multiple at once, I highly recommend you try the Thompson and the M1911. They change the game quite a bit.

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movements3190d ago

I'm usually a fan of the old school, but for shooters give me Modern Warfare fights everyday.

ASSASSYN 36o3190d ago

I will take my modern weapons over the the WWII guns in BFBC2 any day.

WildArmed3190d ago

I use the Thompson with recon only as the LMG/SMG/Assault rifles are vastly superior to Thompson.

But i only use it when my squad demands me too, ie squad is in rushing mode so it's useless to sit back and hold the squad back.

Otherwise, I love sniping too <3

respawnaction3190d ago

Very reasonable point. I also hate when every teammate is a sniper holding others back from actually taking bases.

WildArmed3190d ago

Right, it sucks when the whole team goes snipers and you and your bud are the only two people trying to destroy the objective.
People should know when to change classes, but alas, 90% of your team will sit as a sniper anyways.

solar3190d ago

i play as a battle sniper with my squad. i displace sensor balls at flags/m-com stations, sacrifice myself to C4 tanks, and have a mean shot with the t-shirt launcher shotgun ;)

respawnaction3190d ago

At least you are a productive sniper.i love doing kamikazes tanks, lol. You could say i have a " blast" doing so.

Fanb0y3189d ago

I still wish we had the option of placing modern scopes on our WWII weapons.


TooTall193189d ago

Filling an ATV with C4 and then running it into an objective or tank can be very effective.

respawnaction3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Holy s-, I have to try that next time. that must be insane. Thanks for the tip :)

Fanboy, not too sure about modern scopes on a WWII. I know its a game, but the components of those old guns compared to the new ones where scopes kind of slide on a specified groove on top, it wouldn't be too realistic. And it would kind of take me out of the fact it is a WWII gun. Maybe if it had the scopes from WAW, then that'd be good.

solar3189d ago

ha! in 2142 i was the king of c4 cars. walkers, tanks, i used to be threatened constantly to stop or get banned :P

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TheBand1t3189d ago

M1 Garand. Two hitter quitter with Magnum ammo. Plus you can carry C4.


respawnaction3189d ago

I've yet to try the M1 in this game, still gotta register for it.

Gmarino3189d ago

The thompson is a bit...meh....but the M1911 is by far the best pistol in game, i have gold star on it like 3 times without even trying too.

Just put the M1911 on every class, and use it. When my clip runs out, i switch to it and finish enemies off with it.

REALLY good when close quarter sniping. I run around with a GOL, off the hip someone in the leg or chest, then switch to the M1911 and finish them off. Really good technique, gets LOADS of kills.