Halo 3 vs. Warhawk: Battle of the Betas

The prizefight between these two powerful works-in-progress pits Sony's big online-only affair against Microsoft's multiplayer addiction. Which sandbox game takes the prize in beta form? Matt Swider of Gaming Target judges the public betas of these system sellers in 12 rounds.

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bigmack3945d ago

you'd have to be an moron to say halo3 was better.....
warhawk beta was waaaaaaay better.

MoonDust3945d ago

Because if someone doesn't like what you like they are morons, guess what, i like Halo 3 more but you don't see me calling you a moron.

MikeMichaels3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago ) Warhawk's rep has been transformed.

Just a few months ago it was getting slagged of as junk since they were dropping the single player and nobody figured the online could be any good.

Now, it's being trumpeted over what many consider one of the best and certainly is the most established online console fps ever.

Good job Incog!!!

Spartan153945d ago

Why would Halo steal the lobbying category after all the negatives it gave about halo's, and how effective warhawk was?

Daytona3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Warhawk was a crap game that's been finished and then refinished several times, that wasn't a beta, it was a refinished game that was only going to be playstation online and not sold over the counter. When Halo 3 comes out compare them then, also, WH looks ps2ish, I mean how could you talk highly about that pOS. Seriously, I laughed when I first saw it, I only liked the ships controls, that was it. This game has no staying power, you'll tire of it in days. It wasn't and isn't worthy of a comparison or sales over the counter. Weak sales will show that soon enough too.

DrPirate3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )


After it comes out, we'll be sure to tell you if you were wrong or right. Nice going jackass judging a game that has yet to come out. Is this how you watch all your movies and read all your books too?
Also, it looks PS2? Yet, according to this dude, it beat out Halo graphicly. GG.

Daxx3945d ago

But the real question is did you even play the Halo 3 beta? Or even touch a 360 controller?

And yes Wark Hawk is a good game BUT I'm Halo fan at heart.

Omegasyde3944d ago

..Take out the console freezing, Warhawk Beta won.

Halo beta only had 3 maps and required the purchase of a 60 dollar game.....

Warhawk was free, but invite only (unless you used the PS3proxy) and has about 20 maps (5 game worlds way larger than any of Halo 3's maps)
and lag free 32 player servers.

Halo 3 of coarse is a complete package with singleplayer, but the multiplayer isn't as good as warhawks. But if Warhawk starts at 30 as a PSN title with little loading...? Hmm.

Graphics wise=> Halo a degree. The Ambient effects like water and reflections of shiny objects are impressive.
Intensity,gameplay=>Warhaw k. What other game has it where:

Where you can fly in a jet, drop some bombs, and then snipe someone? OR
Jump in a tank, get out and then light people on fire, while running with a flag? The list goes on, pardon my advertising...But its true.

Halo 3 will be awesome, but you have to give credit where credit is due. If you are a Die hard Halo fan(like myself), you will absolutely need to try warhawk. Stop with the blind loyal MS arrogance, ignore the ps3 fanboys, and this August atleast find a friend who has a PS3. If you choose to not play this game simply because it's a Sony title, you are only starving yourself out of a great gaming experience.

MADGameR3944d ago

Look at 360 fans. They are the sad ones. They compare their BEST game ''Halo 3'' to PS3
s worst games when in reality. you are supposed to compare the best with the best. But I guess Halo 3 is'nt that good if its compared to PS3's not-that-big games. So I guess the best PS3 games OUTdo Halo 3.

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FreeMonk3945d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I don't understand!

I've never played the Warhawk beta, but from what I have seen on trailers, screenshots and from what I been told it looks like a pretty nice MP game visually and looks great to play.

I did play Halo 3 Beta though, and throughly enjoyed it and can't wait until September to play the full game!

What I don't understand though is this. How can you compare 2 games that are completly different genres.

One is a First Person Shooter (Halo 3) and the other is a Third Person Flight Shooter (Warhawk). Yeah, there are small elements of FPS to Warhawk, but it's not a full FPS.

All because they both a Beta strapped to the end doesn't mean that it makes sense to compare them.

It's like comparing Warhawk Beta to Barbies Dream Shopping Beta.

The only point to this post is to start yet another flame war between Sony Fanboys and MS Fanboys!!

Thank god I'm neither!

*EDIT* - I'd love to hear from the 2 people that disagreed with my comment on why my comment is wrong?? Or is it because you only have one Bubble and can no longer reply to this thread!!

Sangheili853945d ago

Comparing a flight sim to a FPS? wow this has got really sad..

SwiderMan3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Warhawk is just a flight sim? Shows you haven't played it. Not only can you go on foot, in a tank, in a jeep, and in a gun turret, those are an integral parts of the game. Halo 3 and Warhawk are both multiplayer addictions, simple and true and that's why I put this up there.

Daytona3945d ago

It's to ps2ish and not next gen. at all. IMO, and that's why I put this up.

hulk_bash19873945d ago

Umm i think they were comparing both multiplayer offerings. And i understand why they would compare these two games, cuz these games are shaping up to be the difinitive online multiplayer games on their respective consoles.

Blankman3945d ago

well i didnt play halo beta but i played warhawk beta and i honestly cannot imagine it being more fun than it was. Duking it out 4 player split screen capture the flag was the coolest. Fly to the other teams base snatch up the flag then you have to drive back in a jeep or walk back because you cant fly with a flag(would have been to easy. MAde it extra fun especially in large maps with many players. That long drive home was the real challenge. I really liked the death match, team deathmatch and loved the capture the flag but didnt really play the zone too much. Thought it was pretty lame.

Odion3945d ago

i can its called battlefield 2

hazeblaze3945d ago

Battlefield 2 was awesome... and future installments may be something to compare Warhawk with. But as it stands, Warhawk packs much more excitement and addictive gameplay! This was a good article... it'll be interesting to see how the final games stack up b/c me & my cousin were noting the same thing... the Warhawk beta was just more addictive than the Halo beta.