GameZone: Jolly Rover Preview

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski takes a look at an upcoming point and click adventure game called Jolly Rover for the PC. "Scheduled for a June 2010 release on PC and Mac, Jolly Rover follows the story of an anthropomorphic young dog named Gaius James Rover. Rover is an ambitious fellow who wants to become a famous clown, but instead opts for a life of piracy after being taken captive by a scurvy seaman when he was attempting to deliver rum to start his own circus."

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Nakerman3190d ago

More point and click adventure games needed!

kimvidard3190d ago

I loved them when I was growing up

athmaus3190d ago

agree ponit and click where awesome back inthe day

Caspel3190d ago

I can get behind this!

kimvidard3190d ago

Point and click games seem to be only developed in europe, that's weird I think, considering how lucas arts made the genre popular.

athmaus3190d ago

looks interesting...never heard of it before

Kyrwolf3190d ago

this is a bit off the beaten dog trail, but looks interesting

Caspel3190d ago Show
Caspel3190d ago

I love dachshunds, so any game with them as the starring character is fine by me.

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