DirectX 10 Vs DirectX 9 Performance Test: It Ain't Pretty

When it was drafted, DirectX 10 promised to once again change the way developers approach real-time 3D graphics programming. Not only would graphics hardware be capable of executing short custom programs (called shaders) on vertices and fragments (pixels), but developers would be able to move much more high-level polygon work to the GPU through geometry shaders. Pulling polygon level manipulation off the CPU opens up a whole host of possibilities to the developer.


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hazeblaze4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

This should start some interesting flame wars. All I know is that I want Crysis to look the same on my PC as it does on all the screenshots & vids... Although I doubt it will :-(

MK_Red4002d ago

Hopefully since there isn;t any PS3 or 360 in this article, there wont be much flame.
Its feels bad that DX10 isn't that it was supposed to be. Hopefully DX10.1 or something will improve both performance and quality.

FordGTGuy4002d ago

Just give it some time and you will see.

Rybnik4002d ago

This is still total BS. I want to see the true completely finished, in-game maxed out settings comparo for Crysis. Until we see direct DX9 to DX10 comparison footage for this game, no one can make an educated guess as to how big a gap there is between these two API's. And honestly, I think it may not be huge. The Crysis dev's said that on max settings Crysis looks fantastic. Also, if I remember correctly, the original CryEngine 2 tech demo all the way to E306 footage, was running in DX9 and looked phenomenal....Hopefully, we will see a usefull soon.

DrPirate4002d ago

From what I understood off many podcasts. DX10 is basically performance upgrades but doesn't offer anything new.

Anyone care to correct me on that?

unsunghero284002d ago

My stance on Vista was "What a bummer... at least DirectX10 is here."

Now it's more like "What a bummer... at least I still have XP."

FordGTGuy4002d ago

Thats a 1st Generation DX10 game imagine what they will look like in a couple years.

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