Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Dog Tags Explained

Loot Ninja writes:

"Like many of you, I have been logging a ton of hours into BF:BC2 since I picked it up last week. The game is just that awesome. Anyway, when we play at my house, we always go nuts whenever one of us scores a knife kill which results in the acquisition of that player's dog tags. We akin the experience to a man taking another man's "innocence" in a prison shower like in Oz. Since most of the tags we get are bronze and every now and then we get a silver, I have been searching forums and FAQs to see just what the exact rankings are for each dog tag. This is what the consensus says, so I may be a rank or two off. If I have erred, by all means correct me. Here are the ranking breakdowns. Just scroll down the guide."

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FragGen2887d ago

"We akin the experience to a man taking another man’s “innocence” in a prison shower like in Oz."

Suddenly I'm not as excited about knifing in BFBC2.

2887d ago
TotalPS3Fanboy2887d ago

but then I got high.

LOL. Then I bought it.

tdrules2887d ago

i bought both.
realised UC2MP levelling was too steep, not enough unlockables and predictable maps.
Still having fun on BC2 after 34 hours, I suck but still

King_of _the_Casuals2886d ago

I have me a good amount of tags in my collection. Nothing like coming up behind a man and taking his manhood!!! Hahaha J/K

SixZeroFour2886d ago

no offence Persistantthug, but those stats arent exactly one to brag about, lol...but thanks for the link to the site, i was wondering how i could see the w/l ratio, which is mostly the only thing i care about

Persistantthug2886d ago

Also, the sniper stats I use, which is on regular mode (no automatic 1 shot kills), I have about a 75 percent headshot.

I prefer Assault class though.

SixZeroFour2886d ago

hmm...ic, if that was from hardcore, then props to you...ive only tried about 3 games and i forgot what the outcome was

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McCullster2887d ago

Good to know. Most of the ones I have are bronze, but I'll be looking to get some silver and gold b1tches soon!

Omar912887d ago

sounds good then. i have mostly bronze, a few silvers, and dont think i have any gold but at least i know who to talk smack to when i knife them and get a gold dog tag lol

Szarky2887d ago

Knifing someone is probably my most favorite thing to do in the game. It's just so satisfying. Just got my 10,000 point pin for getting 200 kills with the knife.

bjornbear2887d ago

no golds...haven't seen many people abouve 35...can't wait t get into gold though =D will take a while =)

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The story is too old to be commented.