Pie charts indicate Blu-ray victory over HD DVD assured

If a picture's worth a thousand words, a pie chart has to be worth at least 500. Well, Ken Pierce over at Pixel Perfect Productions has cooked up five pie charts' worth of data on why the HD DVD/Blu Ray war is over--and as James Carville would say, it's all about the content, stupid.

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Russbomb4035d ago

There was some news a while ago about universal going non hd dvd exclusives but we havn't seen any.

But once we see them do some non hd dvd exclusives then we will know there is no hope for hd dvd winning

Shaka2K64035d ago

Universal is not import has never been to this war, they havent made any important flickz in years now.

Russbomb4033d ago

My point was was that we will truly know when Blue Ray wins win Universal starts making movies for Blu-Ray it is pretty much the true victory sign for Blu-Ray

tonsoffun4035d ago

My fave is apple pie - whats your fave?

Hot apple pie and ice cream mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Bathyj4035d ago

Why would pie lie to us?

Bathyj4034d ago

You guys, must have met some shifty pies!

Russbomb4033d ago

Though I myself did not disagree with you, I did encounter a pie that shifted in such a way as to deform it so there was a giant crack in it.
Fortunantly for me it did not affect the trustworthiness of the pie.

And in this case the pie is trustworthy whether HD DVD owners have had untrustworthy experiences with pie or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.