New TERA Cinematic Trailer

En Masse Entertainment has released the brand new cinematic trailer for the upcoming fantasy MMO, TERA.

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Maticus3039d ago

Lovely looking game :D

Chris3993039d ago

From the previews it isn't going to be all flash and no substance ala Aion either.

I'm officially excited for this!

Simon_Brezhnev3039d ago

i just saw the gametrailers gameplay vid and im definitely getting this ive been wanting a real action hack n slash MMO.

EvilBlackCat3039d ago

monthly fee or just like Guild Wars?

Medievaldragon3039d ago

Very nice graphics. Looks like WoW meets Final Fantasy MMO.

A7XEric3039d ago

The gameplay footage over on Gametrailers looks amazing. Finally an MMO with a legitimate combat system.

Godmars2903039d ago

Really don't get why there are so many games exactly like this just in Korea.

midgard2273039d ago

prbly cuz they're trying to change mmos? i am sick of having more skill than players just to lose because the other players armor is uber and regenerates 50% hp every 4 seconds etc.

actually having to aim is obviously alot more action oriented aswell :)

Godmars2903039d ago

But they're all the same MMO. The only thing that changes is that the women dress skimpier and skimpier. The only ones that seem to be game changers are Blade and Soul, and a new one called Vindictus.

Letros3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

blade and soul is NCSoft, have fun with that grindfest. The only worthwhile MMO's in the near future are SW:TOR, APB and GW2. Still dunno about TERA, probably another grindfest, but we'll see.

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