Greenberg: Natal E3 "experience" will demonstrate 360's "universal appeal"

VG247: Xbox production boss Aaron Greenberg has told VG247 that Microsoft's just-announced E3 Natal event on Sunday, June 13 will be an "all ages" affair designed to show "the universal appeal of Xbox 360?.

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DelbertGrady3184d ago

Sounds foreboding to me. If people want Wii games they will buy a Wii. I'd much rather see a "PG 18" affair designed to show "the hardcore appeal of Xbox 360".

squelchy153184d ago

Wow, 'Lagtal' thats very creative...

How long did it take for you to come up with that?

Convas3184d ago

They don't encourage too much creativity and mature thought process formation at his Pre-school. Sad.

3184d ago
Zero 0073184d ago

all PS3 fanboys will buy xbox 360 this year ... lool

my all friends didn't play PS3 only playing xbox 360..lool

i dont know how and why fanboys still playing CrapStation 3 lool