PS3 Beating Up Japan

PS3 is on fire in Japan thanks to two key releases: a peripheral and a sequel.

For the week covering March 15 through March 21, data from ASCII Media Works shows the system topping the hardware charts for the first time in three months. PS3's 45,000 units sold represents a jump of 69.5% over the previous week.

The reason for the system's sudden surge are Torne and Yakuza 4, both released on the 18th.

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Wizeguy213188d ago

The numbers they talk about are small in comparison to the u.s. Is Japan still hooked on portable gaming?

cayal3188d ago

Small it may be, but it generally makes up the difference between PS3 and 360 in the USA.

This is why Japan is never to be ignored.

Dragun6193188d ago

Go Sony, PS3 is heading close to 5 million units sold mark.

Now its up to Japanese Developers to start making more Jrpgs for the PS3 especially Square Enix since they haven't released a PS3 game until two months ago and You would think by now Square Enix would have released a ton of games on PS3.

darthv723188d ago

I would say JP is overly hooked on handhelds. Those things sell like crack over there and everywhere else in the world.

On topic: it is to be expected that ps3 would gain ground. Saturation of the wii has not hit yet but lets say a large chunk of those are now turning their attention to a more HD capable systems.

gaffyh3188d ago

@Dragun - Yeah, Square have been incredibly stupid this gen, making exclusive RPGs for a console that is doing the worst in Japan. I don't even know what Wada was thinking there, I mean WTF? If I was on that board of directors, I'd be firing his ass ASAP. Even now, FF13 is the best thing that they've released this gen, and that still isn't as good as Lost Odyssey.

Honestly, I expected more, hope Versus is better.

deafwing3188d ago

... fist of the north star and Yakuza are massive over here (I`m in tokyo right now)

and as for being into portable gaming .. if I see old women, middle aged men, and kids playing psps/ds on the Marunochi Line I guess it is safe to say that portable gaming still counts

Bathyj3188d ago

Japan MORE than makes up for the difference in the US.

Last year XB only beat PS3 by 400K in the US, but in Japan PS3 was in front by nearly a million and a half.

This year it will probably be a over a couple million. With USA almost neck and neck, and PS3 likely leading Europe, a couple million lead in Japan are big numbers.

And Japan doesnt matter anymore huh? Pfft!

sikbeta3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Amazing for Sony, Now start making more consoles...


Also, IF this year GT5 Comes Out the Difference Will Be HUGE favouring the PS3 by millions...

Gago3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

small numbers compared to the US?


japan does weekly numbers

US has monthly

45K x 4 = 180,000 per month in japan

blackmagic3188d ago

I'd like to see that torne unit in North America...

Meryl3188d ago

lol not just japan makes up for us sales, but x360 got owned in the others region, just look at vgchartz bots yeah that's right the unreliable site you love and use so much for quoting sales lol
with this amount ps3 will be over 200k again yay, and also haha wii fins, it serves you right for trolling the ps3 so much recently, how's karma for you on japan sales right now??

deafwing3188d ago

what is sad is the poor love that ff xiii got here. I mean some gamers down right call it *trash*. LOL ...

... I was really shocked though at how much they loved god of war III ... its like the next best thing to slice cheese here.

vhero3188d ago

For JRPG lovers Japan is the most important place as those sales effect where your future JRPG's are most likely to go not to mention the Japanese developers choices. This is why western developers are usually the ones who are 360 semi-exclusive (pc ports) and most ps3 exclusive games come from Japan.

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fedex6823188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Please Sony we need Torne here...please please!

Godmars2903188d ago

The rest of the world, particularly the US, needs a cable standard or a standard cable channel.

They could do it, but I don't think they want the headache of signing an exclusivity deal with one company.

mirroredderorrim3188d ago

We need Legend of Dragoon II. With scale that rivals God of War III, to be honest the scale of the first game was seemingly big as well, given it was pre-rendered backgrounds.

Godmars2903188d ago

"We" need Sony JP to actually work together with Sony US and EU. Provide US dev tech support to small JP devs.

They probably could make LoDII using the GOW3 engine, but will probably end up using UE3.

Tito083188d ago

It's a first party game, I don't think they need UE3, by the way, I haven't seen a Sony IP using that engine!!!!

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