Giant Bomb: Quick Look "Live": Super Street Fighter IV

It's neither quick nor live, but it is a pretty gigantic look at a whole bunch of SSFIV.

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N4G4L3185d ago

cant they ever get ppl who are showing this off that are ACTUALLY good at the characters. its just boring when all they do is jump around with a kick or punch here and there. but other wise good video. and im eagerly waiting this game

Tito083185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

I preffer to see somebody who knows how to play instead of those fools, because they don't even know how to play the damn game, they seem to know a lot about Street Fighter, but in this video they don't know sh!t, playing with Arcade sticks to prove themselves as pros!!!!


All they had to do was give a patch for turbo and dlc characters it would have been straight . Instead they want you to pay 60 bucks for a brand new game ...LOL

kornbeaner3185d ago

The game is forty not sixty plus the game is much more then minor upgrades. Your comment is full of fail.