Microsoft set for two E3 Press Conferences

The Lost Gamer writes "Microsoft have today confirmed that they are to hold two Press Conferences at this years E3 event, one that is specifically set to be focussed on Natal device and the other presumably to focus entirely on the Xbox 360 itself."

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Omega43188d ago

Megatons incoming!!

This E3 will easily be the biggest in Xbox history

Two conferences is just plain crazy lol

sonarus3188d ago

This is good. That way they have stuff for people who are interested in real games and not waste my time with motion sensor technology I dnt give a crap about

Seedhouse3188d ago

Considering how much we know is coming out over this year, I'm quite excited about whatever surprised they have...!

green3188d ago

One press conference for the mature gamer and another for everyone. Sounds good to me.

creatchee3188d ago

I wonder if G4 will carry both of them?

Mr Logic3188d ago M rated Natal games, so no mature, adult expiriences. Not interested.

siyrobbo3188d ago

this sounds promising, i'm quite worried that MS would be focusing on nothing but natal, but it seems they aren't leaving their current supporters out in the cold

they must have a lot to show this year

Reibooi3188d ago

I don't know if I would take this as meaning there will be megaton news or anything.

It's the fact that MS knows that the people interested in the 360 itself and those interested in Natal are 2 different groups. So why not have two press conferences instead of forcing people to attend something that's gonna have largely about something they don't care about.

For example last year. I could only think of yeah yeah Natal whatever get to the games. This year they will not force Natal on those who don't care.

jmare3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

A former exclusive to a competitor going multiplatform in every region except the one it's most popular in?

Or staged/produced videos showing how great full body spasms are?

What megatons are you talking about?

I am interested to see what MS brings out for Natal, but I still remain skeptical.

EDIT: you 360 fanboys need to learn to calm down. Those are the only megatons that the 360 has had the last couple of E3s, right? Am I missing something?

Oh, that's right, even though I own a 360, if I'm critical of it, then I must be a Sony fanboy. Silly of me to forget that.

WhittO3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

One for Natal the other for Hardcore gamers ?

lol it seems almost like they are cheating or something having 2 whole conferences.

I'm looking forward to E3 and all the news, but all of the conferences (for MS, SOny and Nint) are sooo cringe worthy to watch haha.

TOO PAWNED3188d ago

Props to MS for doing this. I hope Sony does same. Please Sony do it

TOO PAWNED3188d ago

I just saw this
"@geoffkeighley @godfree Just 1 press conference on Monday morning, Sunday night is a "Project Natal" experience, not a press conference." .Ok kids, move on. Thx Geoff for misleading people ....AGAIN!

IdleLeeSiuLung3188d ago

I hope they have it streaming like last time!

King_of _the_Casuals3188d ago

Seems like MicroSoft is swinging for the fences this year! Hope Sony and Nintendo bring there A game this year as well!!!

van-essa3188d ago

Xbox production boss Aaron Greenberg has told VG247 that Microsoft’s just-announced E3 Natal event on Sunday, June 13 will be an “all ages” affair designed to show “the universal appeal of Xbox 360″.

“We’re gearing up for a really exciting E3 – unlike any E3 we’ve ever had before,” said the exec, speaking moments after confirmation of Microsoft’s E3 press plans.

“As you may have heard, our traditional news briefing is on the morning of Monday, June 14. Additionally, as a kick off to the week, we will be hosting a can’t-miss exclusive “Project Natal” World Premiere experience designed for all ages and demonstrating the universal appeal of Xbox 360 on Sunday evening.

“We’ll have more details on both events and additional media opportunities for Xbox 360 at E3 in the coming months, but wanted to get the word out now as you make your plans.”

This shows how much confidence they have in their product ;)

cyborg69713188d ago

"This shows how much confidence they have in their product" Either that or they're sweating bullets trying to figure out how to reduce the lag in their products and everyone is putting in 16 hour day crunching to produce something playable that's not either throwing red balls or paint around. Lets just wait and see.

smash-brother-103188d ago

June 15th cant come soon enough. This could be the best e3 yet (Overall, not just one system)

JackBNimble3188d ago

Is MS going to be playing dodge ball again this year or will they actually have some real working games for natal this time around?

3188d ago
Blaster_Master3188d ago

I hope they have a better show then last year's E3. The rock band beatles, metal Gear 4, and project natal announcements to me were lack luster. Foreal, its about the games and it seems that Microsoft are running out of ideas. And no, monster hunter MMO on 360 is not a huge announcement. Where is my new Conker game Rare? How bout a decent exclusive FPS other the Halo? I mean cmon, if its jut a third party circle jerk again this year im gonna sell my 360 that day.

van-essa3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I guess Fable, Reach, Alan Wake, Crackdown... aren't "exclsuive" enough for you.

corneliuscrust3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

What was wrong with it?

I'm still having a great time with Forza3 and Halo wars is the best RTS I've played on a console. Shadow Complex was great and made me fall in love with metroid style platformers again. It's a ton of fun.

Yeah I am still having a great time with UC2 and Killzone2 but xbox is doing fine, don't worry.

creatchee3188d ago

On the megaton note, I would prefer that Microsoft's megatons be limited to showing off new IP's that have awesome promise/technical innovation or revealing revivals of old ones long dormant as opposed to former exclusives going multiplatform.

In other words, I would much rather see Killer Instinct 3, something (finally) from Firebird Studios, and the long-delayed Peter Jackson thing than something like FFXIV going multiplat - I have a PS3 for those games...

3188d ago
Immortal3213188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

those games you listed are like, super mario, 2d side scroll to me.

they were hot when they first came out, I don't know about alan wake, but I know about the others.

Also, I bet that none of those game you've listed are going to push the bar level at anything they do.

all they going to do is take up the name, "exclusive!" that's all. Only adding the exclusive game count for the 360.

@corneliuscrust, are you one of those gamers that appreciate any game?

inveni03188d ago

...I hope they have more than just a little shovelware filling up an extra conference. I'm anxious to see what Natal is doing. If they don't show off anything more than casual gaming, then my hope for Natal is lost. Shoot, I'd even be happy with Natal running the dashboard.

van-essa3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

So now we have to define "exclusives" according to your fanboy standard?
By your logic, PS3 only has Two exclusives God of War 3 and Uncharted 2, the rest are "Only adding the exclusive game count...".
See how dumb that sounds?

Anton Chigurh3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Whats wrong with Super Mario and 2D games ?? Seriously !!??

corneliuscrust3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Nope; but I know what I like, and don't feel the need to hate on a game just because it's a side scroller or doesnt house bleeding edge tech.

If you hate side scrollers, sorry but you're not much of a gamer.

blue7xx73188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Well I guess that should put people to ease that think that Microsoft will abandon it's "hardcore" fan base.

Beast_Master3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Hopefully Sony's press confrence won't be leaked the week before and MS will get all of their Natal stroking done the day before.. But I am sure there will still be Natal game annoucements/trailers at the Monday press event as well, some 3rd party deals. I predict sony will be stealing away more exclusives from MS than the other way around this year.. Expect Mass Effect be dated for fall and Gabe Newell will finally annouce a PS3 port for Valve games. EA and Sony are too close of partners to continue these exclusive deals.

WildArmed3188d ago

interesting. Will be tuning in 4 the 360 one.
The natal one i'll just read a re-cap somewhere.

Dance3188d ago

One for Natal and the other for the hardcore no doubt

WildArmed3188d ago

Nvm, its a lie.
Only one conference on monday.

Dmn journalists!
*shakes fists*

HolyOrangeCows3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Any site say that they're going to stream it, yet?

EDIT - *Facepalm* I misread, thought it said "GDC"
Has Microsoft already had their GDC conference? If so, someone want to send me a link?

tinybigman3188d ago

about the natal part of the conference i just wanna hear what new game(s) they have planned for the system. im so glad sony got the ps move out of the way at GDC so they can focus on the game(s) part of conference.

i have plenty of games to get for all 3 of my systems :)

JokesOnYou3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Yep, just as I suspected....another 360 thread over-run by a bunch of ps3 trolls, only here to share their infinite wisdom about how they are NOT interested in Natal, for 10,000th time. lmfao, we know, we know, you kids sound like a broken record.

-lol, most of the sony loyalists above like BlasterMaster have a history of hating everything 360, so who gives a shiii what a sony troll thinks? I'd rather get advice from a Monk who's never played a game a day in his life before I'd listen to anything the usual haters have to say about gaming. You sony loyalists are here for one reason only, because Natal continues to capture a ton of interest while for the most part most people see sony's motion control as nothing more than a "wii-move" add-on, the fear of Natal actually bringing something really great to gaming grips you, lol its so funny to read your transparent comments most of you just can't stand the thought of that or anything positvive about the 360, so what else would you do but show up and surprise!; spread your negativity among real gamers who happen to be excited about games, unlike the insecure haters only here to make themselves feel better about their purchase. lol, I checked my "Majic 8-Ball" and it said sonyfanboys will be "DISSAPOINTED" after micro's E3 presentation and "ECSTATIC" after sony's E3 presentation and vice versa for 360fanboys. lol, how does it know such things.


PshycoNinja3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Microsoft only has one console and one peripheral. If anyone needs 2 press conferences its Sony and Nintendo. Sony with 3 platforms and 2 peripherals and Nintendo with 2 consoles and god knows how many peripherals. Microsoft's ego with "oh we got so much more then our competitors" is almost laughable.

Immortal3213188d ago

in translation; your no worst than me.

Just because I have no taste for side scroll, doesn't make me any lesser gamer than you.

EVILDEAD3603188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Let the trolls squabble..

All eyes will be on Natal..mostly on for it to crash and burn..

But..if microsoft pulls off the unthinkable and Natal or a Natal based game is revolutionary..then it will be a HUGE boost for the 360..

On the flip separating the conferences..if it least they can show what makes us love the system in the first place..the games..Reach and Gears 3 announcement 4TW..

Christopher3187d ago

1. Two conferences isn't really all that crazy. Just means they'll spend more time than usual talking about the same topics they would at one. Overall, we'll walk away with the same amount of info considering most specifics come from information gathered on the showroom floor.

2. I'm thinking Pachter was 100% correct for once about Microsoft packaging Natal with all future 360s upon release, essentially putting it into the hands of future owners whether they want it or not. I say this because of the huge focus they're placing on it.

3. I sure as heck hope to be wowed by Natal at this year's presentation. Move did more than I thought it would but still has a lot to be proven, hopefully Natal is ready to step up to bad and hit the needed home run at E3.

corneliuscrust3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

One word: Objectivity.

I'm willing to give any game a chance. Games are entertainment; they're meant to entertain. I don't care what genre it is, i'll at least give it a shot. By completely ignoring any section of games that might come out, you are limiting your scope. With a limited scope how could you say you're as much of a gamer as someone who will try any kind of game. You never know what might surprise you. It's not about not preferring a certain genre, it's about not even giving any game in said genre a chance. Be open to enjoy any flavour of game.

It's like calling yourself a wine connoisseur but saying you won't drink any wine from Spain.

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MaN_uTd3188d ago

Looks like this E3 is going to be amazing!

Greek993188d ago

So E3 2010 isnt going to amazing?

thedarkestfaction3188d ago

It will become the garbage motion control expo.

GR8 13188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Microsoft will definitely need two E3 Press Conferences because they have too many MEGATONS this is gonna be the best ever E3 i am so excited. I can imagine all the ps3 droids crying buckets lol they are all gonna get OWNED baby i can't wait for the FIREWORKS.

MODS if your reading this GET IT SORTED when ever i click disagree on the droids it ticks agree. It could either be you the MOD is a droids if that is case i understand your love for Sony but if not get it sorted OUT ASAP.

mrv3213188d ago

We are definatly crying buckets at the fact you have Natal... why can't we have innacurate controls and expencive add-ons

Let's remember last E3 shall we... oh ie Sony owned. Microsoft had celebraties, Sony had games.

Bu...bu... ODST, yeah... right.

Here's something interesting Sony use the time for games, and live onstage tech demo's with gameplay. Microsoft uses celebraties and actors and the word 'exclusive' to make their line up look decent, note L4D2.

TheXgamerLive3188d ago

again, just stfu and move on with yourself. M'kay.

cyborg69713188d ago

They should have four areas one for the 360, one for natal, one for chris hanson to bust all of the chomos wanting to "hook up" with milo, and one to show all 360 owners how to properly put their red ringed 360 in it's coffin to be refurbed. While sony shows new exclusives for the ps3. It kinda sucks not to have any first party studios doesn't it MS.

mrv3213188d ago

What are we jealous are? Made up games from the Natal promo with paid actors.

And why would I be jelous I own a 360 :P

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

+ '2 E3 Press Conferences'??? Hmm...

I guess its because of the bad LAG on Project Natal...

i.e -
They do something on day 1, then on day 2 they will see it on the Screen!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

Marty83703183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Expect more 'Smoke & Mirrors' from Microsoft.

MOVE has far more potential.

Remember both Sony & Nintendo rejected LAGTAL tech, for good reasons, it simply doesn't work well enuff.

Jump Out, Play B3yond


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Parapraxis3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )


"Aaron Greenberg aarongreenberg

@geoffkeighley @godfree Just 1 press conference on Monday morning, Sunday night is a "Project Natal" experience, not a press conference. 42 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to geoffkeighley"

(LOL @ the disagree, denial much?)

3188d ago
WildArmed3188d ago

thanks for the fact check.

I was like wow.
I understand having a 2 hours conference, but having 2 different conf. was pretty big news.

thedarkestfaction3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Nintendo did the evolution of motion control from the power glove and now to the wii and did it right. MS and Sony are making gimmicky controls for sub-par games. A motion controls expo (which it will be) will be a let down and a degenerate attempt at wowing crowds with a substandard gaming device.