Too Human: The Slide (Screenshots explained)

Too Human's Design Director takes us through "the slide" move in the game, using screenshots as a visual aid:

"Even though you've probably heard about "Too Human's" unique combat control scheme, including what many people have been calling the "teleport" move seen in our recent gameplay videos, it is still quite difficult to convey unless you have experienced it. The "teleport" move has been mentioned a few times (ok…. a LOT) in some of the forums and blog comments, so I figured I would talk a little bit about it in this blog..."

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MK_Red3911d ago

Awesome article for me because it has lots of Mortal Kombat. MK Dance yay.
OVerall kool article and feature. This team made the great Eternal Darkness, hopefully Two Human can rise above and beyond last E3's problems and become what we've been waiting for.

tonsoffun3911d ago

BUT, this game has been in development for far too long, and I just can't help but think it has been so long in development for a reason: what if the game is so fundamentally flawed (game engine or whatever) that it has had serious issues.

Hopefully, this E3 will show that my misgivings were completely not needed and this game will rock.

*Fingers Crossed*

no_more_heroes3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

thats why it went through the transformation that it did.

*EDIT* who took away one of my bubbles?