Thrustmaster Run N Drive for PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 has received somewhat less support than the Xbox 360 in terms of third party peripheral releases, which is a shame really, as Sony is at least kind enough to allow such designers to release wireless products, a feature Microsoft hoards for itself.

Thus far there's been the rather standard Logitech Cordless Precision PS3 (review) and rather sweet SplitFish FragFX PS3 (review). Today IGN've got a third entry in the market, the Thrustmaster Run N Drive for PlayStation 3 (it also works with the PS2 and PC).

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ALIEN3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I really like it, n i like the price too ($24.99). It's a very cool control n it looks nice too, im getting it this weekend.



Danielson3847d ago

its ok, i hope that sony redesign the sixaxis though, i want rumble mostly just for the weight in the and for the actual rumble also i hate the R2 and L2 triggers, make them concave, more like triggers yah no

ALIEN3847d ago

Do you have a ps3? so we can meet online.

DrWan3847d ago

Why do ppl hate the boomerang? is it just a "few" people that has been talking out? or does it represent the consenses. I thought it look futuristic, cool, and the shape fits the PS3's curves very well.

Salvadore3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

When I first saw the controller, I made fun about it and laughed my ass off. Later when I saw the size I realized that the controller is pretty comfortable and good looking.

DreamSnach23847d ago

who gives if they don't support the 360 more then ps3. What kind of news is this