200° Adam Sessler E3 '07 Interview sits down with X-Play host and game journalist Adam Sessler and gets his off the cuff pre-show thoughts on E3 '07. In the video he discusses what he expects from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, what he would like to see, and some of the games he is dying to get his hands on. Adam also discusses trends he expects to see within the gaming industry and how he thinks this year's scaled down E3 will be different.

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Violater3977d ago

Looks like they saw our G4Tv bashing about their PS3 hate.

Lord Anubis3977d ago

he said some interesting things. He's more of a neutral guy but when he is not fooling around he makes some good points. Especially that time against Thompson and violence.

Lyberator3977d ago

He destroyed him in that interview.

pwnsause3977d ago

at least we know hes way unbiased

VirtualGamer3977d ago

I found the interview amazingly refreshing. Been so much hating towards the PS3 its nice to see someone give Sony the props they deserve. What Sony needs out of this E3 is the same level of excitement it had after E3 2005. This time around though instead of CGI it will be actual hands on game play.

Rhezin3977d ago

Sony doesn't deserve any props with a price tag like that.

Tabasco3977d ago

nice, way to kill a thread that started with 4 great contributing comments and then just fanboy it and likely start a bunch of flaming soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.