Mafia II Box Art Revealed

Check out the confirmed box art for Mafia II.

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poindat3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

It's very typical and boring, but I guess it is really the game inside that counts.

Though I would like to see the European boxart: it seems to be becoming a trend of publishers to believe that we Americans can't comprehend or appreciate anything more than the most cliche and basic boxart while they give Europeans the more inspired and creative versions of boxart. >.<

k jules3186d ago

I remember the boxarts for ICO, the EU-version looked awesome, like some piece of art, US-version looked like a piece of sh.t :P

zack613186d ago

It looks good in my opinion.

Crazyglues3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I can't wait for this game, already have it pre-ordered from so I can't wait..

If you were a fan of Mafia one back in the day then this should be a no brainier, as it looks like they really stepped up ever aspect of the game...

I hated that it got delayed, but looks like Aug. 27th is the touch down date... seems like a long time to wait.. would have just been so cool if they could have made the May Date they had before...


The game is just looking Amazing... Can't wait

amolang3186d ago

I think it's awesome. love the style...

lh_swe3186d ago

But as has been said it's the game on the inside that counts, shame a big fraction of consumers buy games based off the box-art (seen it happen MAMY times), so it's a shame the box art might not live up to the content.

I want this game sooo bad, I hope I atleast see it this year, no more delays :(

Akagi3186d ago

Should have done something similar to the Godfather 2 movie promos.

theunknown3186d ago

So did the original Mafia.

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