Will the new Nintendo 3DS handheld system work like this?

There's been multiple rumors on how Nintendo's recently announced 3DS handheld will output 3D without glasses. However, it's also possible that we've already seen the technology in action. Head on inside to see the potential for Nintendo's successor to the DS, including more upgrades you probably haven't heard of yet.

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Government Cheese3187d ago

Maybe. I was kinda hoping for some sort of 'popping out of the screen' kind of effect but I guess i'll have to wait til E3

sloth33953186d ago

this video was up the day they announced the new 3DS

juniorpop3186d ago

posted before here on n4g.......

Quadrix3186d ago

No, and you're retarded for thinking so. There'd be no reason to make a 3DS if it worked liked this, as we have the DSi.

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