Playstation 3 $100 Price Cut Hits July 15th (Proof Image)

According to a poster on the DVD Talk Forums, the Circuit City promotional sales flyer for the week of July 15th indicates the Playstation3 will be getting a price drop. The PS3 is now listed at $499 for the week of July 15-21, the week after E3 2007.


GameDaily reports:
Although Sony has yet to confirm a price drop officially, GameDaily BIZ has received confirmation from the retail sector that the PS3 will be dropped to $499 next week. Sony itself recently talked about "refining" the PS3 price. Now it appears to be happening.

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masterg3880d ago

Looks real to me.
Lets see how long it takes M$ to react. If they in fact react. It's still $100 more than the 360 so they might not.

coolmatrix3880d ago

Shockwaves were sent throughout the gaming industry when Sony announced the new pricing for the Playstation 3 console.

Marketing has proven that many consumers will react to the "bandwagon approach." How long will that last is only a matter of time.

That was until the PS3 $299.99 retail price.

With the PS3 at $299.99 Sony effectively demolished the competition before they even had time to react.

Gamers around the world were sent into a frenzy as retailers everywhere had to respond to the feverish demand for the PS3 even greater than at launch.

Resistance and Motorstorm franchises both 1st party titles utilizing the supercomputer Cell and BluRay effectively showcased to new owners the beginning of years of entertainment value for their initial investment.

The Wii at $249.99 no longer was a bargain that it once was. Sales came to a screeching halt as buyers rejoiced in Sony's bold move to make their favorite console affordable to the masses. Lowering the Wii price too close to the DS Lite made no difference!

The Xbox360 demise was even more breathtaking. With the PS3 undercutting the Core, Premium and Elite models which has no high definition DVD standard, buyers ignored the 360 enmass.

Even if MS tried to discontinue the Core and Premium, the Elite HD DVD add-on is $199.99 plus the price of the Elite was more expensive than the PS3.

HD DVD suffered tremendously since no one cared to much about the 360. Blockbuster announcement)

The one title that push the PS3 seemingly into every home was LittleBigPlanet.

Once the title was released the developers were smart enough to create Plush Toys for children and collectibles for adults.

They spun off LBP into a kids learning software title for the PS3 that taught the alphabet, spelling and math.

The cute characters became the next Elmo and Barney phenomenon!

Sony PS3 captured the imagination of music players, karoke singers, next-gen gamers, researchers aka Folding at Home, community fans with Home, avid movie buffs and children with LittleBigPlanet bringing families a true family entertainment experience.

With Blu-Ray players seeing a 50% drop from $999.99 to 499.99 the same goes for the PS3 from $599.99 to $299.99.

$299.99 was the SWEET SPOT for the console.

Sony will leave the price at $299.99 until 2010. Expect NO MORE PRICE CUTS!!

Stroke of genius!

LightofDarkness3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

You actually fantasize about the success of a multinational corporation? One with which you are not affiliated with, nor have anything to gain from said company's dominance... that's just plain sad. There's no other word for it. GO OUTSIDE.

On topic, is $100 really enough to shift more units? At $499.99, the 20GB model didn't sell either. Sony need to equal the 360's price point, at least. While they may be now more competitive against the 360, they are still no where near competing with the Wii. This may be too little, too late. I hope not though. I like my PS3, and if the game releases starting in August truly live up to the hype then perhaps I will start to like it as much as my 360. And if those games do live up to the hype, perhaps the $100 cut will make all the difference in the world this holiday season. But we won't know till then.

EDIT:- note the date range, this looks more like a promotion by the retailer than an official price cut.

ShiftyLookingCow3880d ago

@coolmatrix, dude wtf? stfu

as for the news itself while the price cut is temporary, I think a $499 PS3 60GB is a better deal than $479 360 Elite, a much better deal if you already have a working 360. Damn now I have to choose between PC upgrading and PS3

SlappyMcTaint3880d ago

Spot on! Green bubble for you. If Sony did do that, they'd take it in the arse for a while losing money, but think of all the consoles they'd sell -and make up for in the long run by demolishing M$ with a cheaper, 100% more reliable console. Plus, a low price like that would all but seal the deal for Blu-Ray and would be the H-bomb on HD-DVD.

Also Known As3880d ago



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MK_Red3880d ago

July the 15 is after E3. I think Sony wanted to annouce the price cut during E3 keynote but laze Circuit City posters spoiled it.

AnDy FrOm MiAmi3880d ago

Is this only on circuit city or in every videogame store outlet cause it really wouldnt be a big deal if it was just in circuit city.

nasim3880d ago

not SONY's

circuitcity is doing it to attract more buyers

MK_Red3880d ago

But it will attract lots of buyers and others will have not choice but to follow. It has happened before (One retailer cutting price of something and other being forced to do the same) Hopefully this happens too and all retailers across the world (US, Europe, Japan/Asia, Australia and Africa) cut their prices.

Covenant3880d ago

Retailers almost NEVER cut system prices in North America, since the prices are essentially fixed by the manufacturer, and the systems are being sold at cost, so NO retailer is going to take a $100 hit on the system just to bring in customers. This isn't a Circuit City sale; this is a price drop from Sony. Everyone will be selling it for $499 at that point.

Expect this to be made official at E3.

THAMMER13880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Not a price cut. LOL

This is what retailers do when they can not move your product.

EDIT for the disrespectful @ss hole below. THIS...IS...A...SALE...NOT...A ...PRICE...CUT!!!!

masterg3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

You know nothing yet you state your opinion like it's fact.
The real world doesn't work like that buddy.

The fact they write (7-15-07 to 7-21-07) is no proof either way.
This is on the bottom of all ads to limit any errors in prices that could be on the ad.

Try to write without being offensive. I bet you do that when you talk to your nerd friends in real life.

TheMART-sucksdick3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you hear me..........

Edit: i noticed the date, oops... why sony????, cut the price and keep it like that.