Modern Warfare 2 gets more fixes

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has confirmed via Twitter that the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus level pack releasing on Xbox 360 on March 30 will be joined by a Matchmaking patch.

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BeaArthur3034d ago

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Doesn't "more fixes" imply that the previous "fixes" actually fixed something?

King_of _the_Casuals3034d ago

Anyone else notice how ALL these fixes have come out since BBC2 came out??

Syronicus3033d ago

There had been a few patches for the glitches prior to the release of BF:BC2. I am sure that Infinity Ward is not worried about the sales of a second rate shooter like BF:BC2. Sorry, but the sales show that IW has nothing to worry about...

The MW2 hate is actually funny these days. It's gotten so out of hand yet there are millions playing the game and the games sells more than any other shooter around and yet the hate continues. Sounds like a very vocal minority to me. lol

ASSASSYN 36o3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

To slow too late. Firmly moved on to BFBC2 and soon Reach, and Ghost Recon beta.

Wozzer3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

I can't believe those clowns at Activision expect people to pay £10.20 for a map pack that only contains 3 news maps, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for Crash and Overgrown being included, but they should have been included as free bonus maps, the price should be more like £5, at the absolute most £7.

SixZeroFour3034d ago

those arent the actual ingame screens of overgrown and crash are they? cause if they are, it doesnt seem like they did anything to graphically change its look and just completely recycled it from cod4

i mean, bungie recycle maps aswell, but at least they DO change up the layout a bit and make it graphically up to date with whatever game its on now

borgome3034d ago

Hey when can I get these, hopefully tonight, wooo!

SixZeroFour3034d ago

wtf?!?! thats the first time i saw someone run out of bubble talking to himself :S

on topic...its gamers like you that allow dev to totally screw over consumers and make it seem like its not a problem

Wrathman3034d ago

i want to add some rationality to the pricing £10.20.

last year DICE released cost 15£ i included 3 massive beautiful maps.complete with boats,aeroplanes,jeeps and tanks and ran on dedicated servers!which are still supported to this day.

in short, it was a whole bucket of awesomeness.

so given that, how the hell does IW get away with justifying £10.20??!!!!for just maps on p2p with no vehicles?

its insane!

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ATi_Elite3034d ago

Yeh they Fixed MW2 all right....

With a big ole patch called Battlefield Bad Company 2!

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