1UP: Folklore (PS3) Hands-on

It's a bit surprising to be greeted with English voice-overs in the cut-scenes when you pop in a Japanese import game. This, along with PS3's lack of region lock, is responsible in part for Folksoul's (coming to the U.S. as Folklore) import-friendly nature. And while the game does have its share of text, most of the story-related conversations take place through minimally animated storyboards (complete with comic book speech bubbles).

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nasim4031d ago

i am buying this on day 1

Anything but Cute4031d ago

Will we be the only onces to comment on this? Seriously this could be a great game.

Shaka2K64031d ago

I watch this trailer the other day its this kind of innovative games why im so proud of owning a PS3 only.

hazeblaze4031d ago

After playing the demo this became a definite buy for me. As one of you already said... it's games like this that I buy Sony systems for.

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