The E3-jects

GameDaily's Robin Yang:
I hear you. I feel your plight. We're all victims of the E3 downsizing, but does that mean we have to cry about it? I say no. None of this "Oooh, look at us, we're going to E3! We're so special! We get to play all these games you don't!" crap. Let's show them that we're not going to be reduced to a group of mindless refresh-refresh-refresh-where's-the-new-pokemon?! game junkies. Let's say, "Hey! I don't need E3 to make me happy. I'm perfectly content with the games that I already own and love, like [insert game of choice here] and I won't be swept up in the media hype and frenzy just because you say it's important."

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PS360WII3888d ago

Rrrrright... unlike him I'm eagerly awaiting E3 to hear news of upcoming games. He may feel punked by not going with his fellow co-workers but that's silly to shun out E3 because you didn't get to go

JasonXE3888d ago

g4tv, pretty simple , and cost effective.

ReconHope3887d ago

one day i will get in, one